Native Garden at the Iron Worker's Cottage

In early 2020, the City of Lake Oswego and the Lake Oswego Preservation Society collaborated to restore the grounds of the Iron Worker’s Cottage to a native habitat. The garden features primarily native plants and trees, a stone water feature, bird houses, a Mason bee house, and public art!

Landscaping with native plants helps use less water and provides shelter and food for native wildlife. Some of the native plants and trees featured include trillium, snowberry, violet, iris, Oregon grape, sword ferns, flowering currants, dogwoods, salal, coast silk tassel, Solomon’s seal, vine maple, and huckleberry.

In 2020, the garden received Platinum Backyard Habitat Certification, the highest award giving by the Backyard Habitat Organization

The garden is located at 40 Wilbur Street, Lake Oswego. Swing by to visit the native plants, enjoy the local art and bird houses, and the history! The museum is open Saturdays from 11-3, but you can view the garden anytime!

For more information about the Iron Worker's Cottage Museum, visit the Preservation Society.