Rebate Programs

The City offers rebates on water conserving models of washing machines and toilets.

Washing Machine Rebates Ending May 31, 2023

Today’s announcement marks an end to a very successful incentive program that has been in place since 2011.  Since its inception, the City of Lake Oswego has issued a total of 137 washing machine rebates, equal to $10,275.00.  

Over the last two years, interest in the program has waned so the decision was made to end the program and put the funding and staff time to use in other water conservation endeavors. We wish to thank all of those who participated in this program over the years. The customers of Lake Oswego Water have shown a willingness to efficiently manage personal water usage, and continue to set an example for water providers throughout our region.  

The Rebate Application will be available until May 31st and is located to the right of this page under "Related Links".

Check out other available incentives at Oregon Energy trust. Click here for more information.

Toilet Rebates

To encourage commercial and residential water customers to replace their old toilets/urinals with efficient, water conserving models, the City of Lake Oswego is offering this rebate program. The Toilet Rebate Application is located to the right of this page under "Related Links".

PLEASE READ YOUR TOILET REBATE APPLICATION FORM IN ITS ENTIRETY BEFORE SUBMISSION TO THE CITY.  Be sure to include the toilet model number and not the store SKU number. Toilets donated to organizations for reuse or resale will disqualify your application for rebates.


  • The City will ONLY fund the EPA "Water Sense" labeled High Efficiency Technology (HET) models of 1.28 gallons per flush or less.
  • The toilet rebate for this model is $100.00 per toilet. Lake Oswego Residents have purchased the HET models at a rate exceeding 4 to 1 over the other less efficient 1.6 gallon per flush models.

The requirements for qualification will remain the same as to what toilets may be replaced, how the old toilets shall be recycled, and the number of units per household. Rebates will reflect as a credit on your water bill unless otherwise authorized.

 Call 503-534-5741 with any questions. 

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