Rebate Programs

Toilet Rebates
To encourage commercial and residential water customers to replace their old toilets/urinals with efficient, water conserving models, the City of Lake Oswego is offering this rebate program. Approved applicants will receive a credit for $100 on their water bill unless otherwise noted. Call (503) 675-3747 with any questions. 

Toilet and Urinal Rebate Application

Water Audits
The City of Lake Oswego is offering free Residential Landscape Water Audits to Lake Oswego water customers. It is an assessment of your lawn, garden areas, irrigation system and more. Water audits are available during watering seasons of spring and summer. The audits will be approximately 1-2 hours long.  Please be available to walk through the audit process with the Audit Specialist. When the audit is complete, all recommendations will be recorded.

Call (503)675-3747 to schedule an audit


Water Conservation Items
The following devices and tools are available at the 2nd-floor reception desk at City Hall and are offered at a reduced rate or free of charge to all Lake Oswego water customers. City Hall is open for walk-in traffic or fill out this Water Incentive Form and we will gather the requested items and arrange pick-up.

  • Leak Detection Dye Tablets - Helps determine if there is a toilet leak.
  • Faucet Aerators - Save as much as 3000 gallons of water per year.
  • High-Efficiency Shower Heads - Save as much as 3900 gallons of water per year.
  • Shower Timers - Take shorter showers and save up to 9000 gallons per year.
  • Hose Timers - Minimize overwatering with ease by using a hose timer to shut off the water Soil Moisture Probes - A probe tells the water content of soil. They can help manage irrigation systems more efficiently, use less water, and water more appropriately for the type of plants in the yard.
  • Rain Gauges - These devices measure rainfall and sprinkler output. They can help determine how much water sprinklers need to add to the lawn or shrubs.
  • Rain Sensors – A device that communicates with your irrigation system about the level of rainfall. The City of Lake Oswego offers all water customers the opportunity to purchase a rain sensor for $5.00


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