Water Leaks

Household water leaks can be a source of wasted water and additional expense. Common types of leaks found at the home are worn toilet flappers, dripping faucets, and faulty irrigation systems. These types of leaks can be simple to identify, and some can be easily fixed. Fixing household water leaks can save homeowners on their water bills.

If this is an emergency and your water service needs to be turned off, call:

Business hours: (503)635-0280 for Public Works

       After hours: (503)635-0238 for LOCOM

Checking for Leaks

Checking for Leaks - Begin with this 2-minute read provided by The Clackamas River Water Providers (CRWP) to identify leaks using your water meter.

View this video from the Regional Water Providers Consortium (RWPC) for a helpful walkthrough.

If you need assistance please call the Water Conservation Specialist at (503) 675-3747 or the Finance Department at (503) 635-0265

Making repairs

The property owner is responsible for water pipes from the meter to the house. Some repairs, like a toilet or faucet may be done with the instruction provided by the RWPC, while other repairs or further detection may require professional assistance. Consult your local directory for professional plumbing services offered in the area. Toilet dye tabs can be obtained by contacting (503)675-3747.

                How to Find a Toilet Leak

                Fixing a Toilet Leak

                Household Leak Detection

Leak Adjustment Process

After your leak has been repaired and you have been billed for the high consumption, you can submit a Leak Adjustment Application form. Leak adjustments are reviewed by comparing the same consumption during the previous year. After the adjustment review is complete, you will be contacted with the results. Meanwhile, please be sure to pay any outstanding invoices by their due dates to avoid discontinuation of service and additional charges. Should the review result in qualifying for a leak adjustment, a credit will be applied to your account upon approval.