Public Works, Engineering & Drones

Did you know, our Public Works and Engineering teams actively use drones to inspect and improve our city infrastructure? Drones help provide different vantage points, topographical details, as well as keeping our staff safe in areas that are tough to access!

Here are three projects this past year:

💧 Annual Water Reservoir Inspections – To inspect the condition of our elevated reservoirs, they can be dangerous to climb and inspect (our tallest one is 65 feet!). Drone use allows Public Works to safely and quickly inspect our reservoirs.

🔎 Blue Heron Canal Wastewater Rehabilitation – In preparation for this project, our Engineers needed to collect data on topography, land survey, and canal condition. By using the drones, we were able to collect the data without disturbing these natural habitats and spaces, while avoiding entering private properties or causing personal injury on treacherous canal hikes.

📸 Boones Ferry Road Improvements A fantastic way to watch progress of a large-scale road project is to see it by the air. The Boones Ferry Road project is a full transformation with road, streetscape, and utility work reconstruction that is best captured from above. Our team has been documenting every stage to showcase the roadway, pedestrian, and biking improvements!

The best part of all this – we have our own City of Lake Oswego Aerial Imaging Team (AIT) made of highly skilled and trained staff!