Parks & Recreation


A joint Cooks Butte planting occurred on Sat., Feb. 6th by the Parks Department and leaders of Friends of Trees. This crew of 11 planted 400 native species along the Cooks Butte Tributary. Many of the native species, such as Red Elder Berry, Indian Plum and Twinberry, will provide food, cover and nesting provisions for wildlife. Their flowers will offer nectar and pollen for butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and other pollinators. 

Friends of Luscher Farm and the Parks Department welcomed 26 volunteers from the Portland Garden Club on Mon., Feb. 7.  The eager volunteers planted 250 native species, such as Oregon Grape and Snowberry, up in the Brock Oaks area.  This was a great turnout and several adults brought their teens to join in this Stewardship habitat restoration!


The ACC staff worked hard to coordinate bags containing an emergency food box, a frozen meal  and special Valentines for the Meals on Wheels participates anticipating ice and snow.  A big thank you to our volunteers who delivered more than they expected.