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Pakes & Recreation


It is official, the Medical Ride Reimbursement Program goes live on March 1.  The ACC designed the program funded by grant dollars to reimburse older LO residents for a medical ride taken with a ride share company, up to $50.00. We are excited to provide a resource to make transportation to and from medical appointments a bit more accessible with financial support.


In lieu of the course and range remaining closed we have made arrangements to conduct our golf classes temporarily at the Trails End Golf Center in Oregon City.   


All the storm stuff




L.O. Tennis Center re-opens for the first time since November! As staff was preparing to re-open earlier this month when Clackamas Co. moved to OHA’s COVID High Risk level, a winter storm created another delay.  Thanks to the City’s Parks crew for storm clean-up to make re-opening possible. There was no damage to the building, but here is a picture of the crew as they were in the ‘final stages’ of clean-up!



On January 5, the CC:

Conducted a public hearing and enacted Ordinance 2862, amending LOC Chapter 47 Sign Code to allow portable A-frame signs and other temporary signs during COVID-19.

Conducted a public hearing and tentatively approved Ordinance 2856 (LU 20-0040), amending LOC Chapter 50 Community Development Code extending the timeframe for temporary commercial structures and waiving design review for awnings during COVID-19.

On January 19, the CC:

Adopted Findings, Conclusion and Order for LU 20-0040, and enacted Ordinance 2856 (LU 20-0040), amending LOC Chapter 50 Community Development Code extending the timeframe for temporary commercial structures and waiving design review for awnings during COVID-19.


On January 11, the PC received a presentation from DLCD staff on HB 2001 minimum compliance rules recently adopted by the State Land Conservation and Development Commission. City staff also provided an update on the public outreach process for Phase 1 of the City’s work toward compliance with the Bill.

Please refer to the following web page for the current PC meeting forecast:


On January 4, 2021, the DRC held the following public hearings:

  • LU 20-0030, a request for formal code interpretation of “Specialty Food” use as it relates to minimum parking requirements for certain tenants of the Kruse Village Shopping Center. The DRC tentatively approved the application 5:0, with Findings, Conclusions and Order scheduled for January 20th at 7:00 PM.
  • LU 20-0011, an appeal of a staff decision to approve a 2-parcel minor partition with a flag lot and the removal of 22 trees. The DRC dismissed the appeal due to lack of the required neighborhood association documentation 3:2, with Findings, Conclusions and Order scheduled for January 20th.

On January 20, 2021, the DRC:

Approved Findings, Conclusions and Order 4:0 for LU 20-0030, a request for formal code interpretation of “Specialty Food” use as it relates to minimum parking requirements for certain tenants of the Kruse Village Shopping Center.

The draft Findings, Conclusions and Order for LU 20-0011 was continued to February 1st because there would have been a 2-2 tie of the Commissioner’s present and eligible to vote on the findings at the meeting and therefore no action could be taken.


At their meeting held on January 13, HRAB members reviewed their adopted goals and discussed the activities that will be conducted under this year’s CLG Grant. They discussed the work program for the Reconnaissance Level Survey of Historic Properties and the preservation outreach activities. This year’s awards ceremony is expected to be held in the Council chambers with City Council. HRAB has also scheduled their Public Outreach Information Booth at the Lake Oswego Farmers Market in June July and August.


City Council approved four annexations as follows:

  1. 5350 Firwood Rd. (AN 20-0006);
  2. 16115 Bonaire Avenue (AN 20-0007);
  3. 5110 Carman Drive (AN 20-0008);
  4. 19064 Benfield Avenue (AN 20-0009).


Staff approved LU 20-0035, a request for a 2-parcel minor partition with one flag lot on Lake Grove Avenue, subject to conditions set forth in the staff report. The Notice of Decision was sent on January 11, 2021.

Staff approved LU 20-0038, a request for an Expedited 2-parcel minor partition with a flag lot; a minor variance to the rear yard setback for the existing house; and major variances to the flag lot perimeter screening fence requirement, and to the rear, lake and combined rear and side setbacks on the flag lot, subject to conditions set forth in the staff report. The site is located on Twin Points Road. The Notice of Decision was sent January 22, 2021.



In January, staff held six pre-application conferences as follows:

  1. PA 20-0080, 2-parcel minor partition with a flag lot on Pilkington Road.
  2. PA 20-0081, Modification to an approved Development Permit for exterior modifications to a commercial complex on McVey Avenue.
  3. PA 20-0082, Minor variance to reduce the rear yard setback for an addition to an existing single-family dwelling on Andrews Road.
  4. PA 20-0083, Conditional Use and Development Review Permits to construct a new aquatics/recreation center (Major Public Facility) on Stafford Road.
  5. PA 21-0001, RID variance to the rear yard setback for a detached accessory structure on Canal Road.
  6. PA 21-0002, RID variance to construct an addition to an existing single-family dwelling on Lake Front Road.


In the month of December, Planning staff reviewed 33 building permits, 4 sign permits and 29 business licenses.


Last month, there were 4 Code Enforcement cases resolved, all without Municipal Court action.


Customer Contacts:  During the month of January, 2021, the Permit Center was closed to walk-in customers.  Staff responded to 1,144 phone calls, or approximately 61 customer contacts per day. Of the phone-in customers 28% were for Planning, 35% for Building, 10% for Engineering and 27% for other services.  Staff served customers remotely via an inbox in the building entry vestibule, mailing of information, posting public information signs for trees and public hearings, and remote meetings to ensure social distancing.

Building Permit Activity: During January, Building staff received three New Single Family Residential (NSFR) applications. Two NSFR permits were issued as follows:

New Single Family Residential (NSFR)

  1. Goodall Road
  2. Troon Road

The City converted to new State of Oregon E-permitting software in August, 2020, which resulted in some delays in processing permits.

The above median timeline for review is from application completeness to “ready to issue”.  As of December 2018, the Planning Department has provided NSFR plan review services for both Planning and Engineering reviews. Ready to issue includes time that applicants need to address corrections required for code compliance or factors beyond the City’s control.

In addition to NSFR permits, Residential Structural Permits include remodels, additions, decks, etc., of which there were 22 issued last month by Building staff, with the median days being 28. Commercial Structural Permits include Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family and Institutional, of which there were 22 permits issued, with the median days being 30.

Parks & Recreation

Drone footage of the damage at the Golf Course- One minute video:

Team work and dedication are great words to describe the parks crew! Our Crews started the clean up by support the Street Department to get roads open and this week have been working in the parks. On Tuesday all natural areas were closed and developed parks that had hazardous tree issues. One by one areas are being assessed and opened when possible. Many natural areas will remain closed until we can evaluate them for safety. Please see the city website for the latest updates!

Parks & Recreation


A joint Cooks Butte planting occurred on Sat., Feb. 6th by the Parks Department and leaders of Friends of Trees. This crew of 11 planted 400 native species along the Cooks Butte Tributary. Many of the native species, such as Red Elder Berry, Indian Plum and Twinberry, will provide food, cover and nesting provisions for wildlife. Their flowers will offer nectar and pollen for butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and other pollinators. 

Friends of Luscher Farm and the Parks Department welcomed 26 volunteers from the Portland Garden Club on Mon., Feb. 7.  The eager volunteers planted 250 native species, such as Oregon Grape and Snowberry, up in the Brock Oaks area.  This was a great turnout and several adults brought their teens to join in this Stewardship habitat restoration!


The ACC staff worked hard to coordinate bags containing an emergency food box, a frozen meal  and special Valentines for the Meals on Wheels participates anticipating ice and snow.  A big thank you to our volunteers who delivered more than they expected.

Public Works, Engineering & Drones

Did you know, our Public Works and Engineering teams actively use drones to inspect and improve our city infrastructure? Drones help provide different vantage points, topographical details, as well as keeping our staff safe in areas that are tough to access!

Here are three projects this past year:

💧 Annual Water Reservoir Inspections – To inspect the condition of our elevated reservoirs, they can be dangerous to climb and inspect (our tallest one is 65 feet!). Drone use allows Public Works to safely and quickly inspect our reservoirs.

🔎 Blue Heron Canal Wastewater Rehabilitation – In preparation for this project, our Engineers needed to collect data on topography, land survey, and canal condition. By using the drones, we were able to collect the data without disturbing these natural habitats and spaces, while avoiding entering private properties or causing personal injury on treacherous canal hikes.

📸 Boones Ferry Road Improvements A fantastic way to watch progress of a large-scale road project is to see it by the air. The Boones Ferry Road project is a full transformation with road, streetscape, and utility work reconstruction that is best captured from above. Our team has been documenting every stage to showcase the roadway, pedestrian, and biking improvements!

The best part of all this – we have our own City of Lake Oswego Aerial Imaging Team (AIT) made of highly skilled and trained staff!

Parks & Recreation



Renovation is complete, and Woodmont Natural Park is OPEN!  Woodmont is a 6.8 acres park located on Atwater Lane.  Renovation focused on the park’s existing natural elements and included trail additions, installation of a nest sculpture by local artist @HannesWingate, removal of invasive and non-native plants & trees, restoration, and added nature play elements.  For more info, visit Woodmont Natural Park | City of Lake Oswego.

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Last Sunday (Jan 31) the Youth Action Council collaborated with the Youth Leadership Council to present a Virtual Youth Forum featuring several members of Lake Oswego’s leadership.  Panelists included Mayor Joe Buck, School Superintendent Dr. Lora De La Cruz, City Manager Martha Bennet, City Councilor Massene Mboup, and School Board Members Liz Hartman and Neelam Gupta.  The Youth Forum focused on youth-led questions related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as it relates to current policies within the city and schools, recent incidents of racism or discrimination, and plans for the future.  Panelists were led by youth moderators from both councils, who posed questions submitted by teen attendees.  Approximately 44 students registered as attendees, with a total of 36 attending the event. The forum was an opportunity for community leaders and Lake Oswego youth to have a collaborative dialog regarding DEI and the progress of the policies that support it.  A live recording can be viewed here:

Boones Ferry Road Project Making Strides!

Crews continue to make great progress on the transformation of Boones Ferry Road!

Here are some recent highlights and corresponding photos of the project:

  • The remaining new traffic signal poles and mast arms have been installed at the Oakridge intersection, and new intersection at McDonalds!

  • Street light poles are being installed along new sidewalks between Madrona Street and Reese Road. Crews have been testing those in the area south of Bryant Road, and they are now activated and lighting up the right-of-way!

  • New sidewalks have been poured on the east side of Boones Ferry between Bryant and Reese Road
  • Irrigation is being installed, and planting soil is being placed in the new stormwater and landscaped planters and medians. Plants, trees, grasses, shrubs will start arriving and being placed in February!
  • New bike racks are in, benches, a water fountain and trash cans!

  • Metal lettering embedded in colored concrete (feature photo) has been placed in portions along the new sidewalks, and interpretive cutouts along portions of the coreten stormwater planter edging is installed!

Next Big Traffic Switch Coming Soon  

In early-mid February, crews plan to switch their work zone to the west side of the road (Riccardo’s/Chevron side). Between Bryant Road and Reese Road, traffic will be shifted onto the east side of the road, so crews can begin working on the west side improvements and widening. This is expected to occur in early February.

The temporary traffic configuration of one lane in each direction plus a center turn lane will remain.  Some existing striping will be removed and new temporary striping placed. Please watch for changing traffic patterns and plan some extra time through the work zone as the traveling public gets used to the change.

In mid-February, traffic lanes between Oakridge Road (at the post office) and Lanewood Street will also shift. Crews will begin working on the east side improvements (Giant Burger side).

#Shop Lake Grove Raffle

Have you entered the raffle? Enter today, it’s so easy! And you could win a $100 gift card to one of our participating businesses!

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Two winners will be drawn monthly to receive a $100 gift card to a local #ShopLakeGrove participating business of their choice.

For all the details, click here!  And, if you are an eligible business and would like to sign up to participate, complete this survey!

*To be considered in the raffle entries, social media posts must be “public.”

More information?

For more information, visit, email, call 503-697-6573, or follow the city on social media with #BoonesFerryProject.

Parks & Recreation


The Adult Center has been participating in a program called “Clackamas County Writes”, we started in December and to date have sent 18 letters.  The letters we received are written by youth (high school age), are generic in their message and often include a picture.  The program is not a pen-pal situation, it is a one-way letter meant to brighten up a seniors day.


The City of Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation Fitness Department is unrolling a new virtual program. The All Access Virtual Fitness Pass allows registered participants to drop-in to a variety of virtual classes, allowing for flexibility in schedule and the opportunity to try out new classes. The pass can be used the month of February with the possibility to extend the program an additional month. Access includes Zoom link to: 50+ Zumba, Aerobics to Exercise, Entry Level Strength and Gentle Yoga.

Parks & Recreation


Hallinan Woods Natural Area was hit hard during the storm Tuesday night which has closed the park until further notice.  Large Doug Firs and other trees came down blocking the pathway and with one falling on a neighbors house.  Parks staff are working on a clean up plan and will get the park open as soon as they can.


Recreational Pool Survey

The design for the Lake Oswego Recreation and Aquatics Center is underway. Throughout the design process, there will be many ways to get involved and share your ideas. Opportunities will include: community meetings, an online open house, surveys, and more!

The recreation pool is only one part of the recreation and aquatics center. Please take a few minutes to take this survey. This survey is the first of a number of methods we will use to gather input on the design of the Lake Oswego Recreation and Aquatics Center. Click HERE to fill out the survey by January 31, 2021.


Community Gardeners at the top of the request list are now registering for the 2021 season.  This year, we put together an online orientation meeting for new gardeners to watch at their convenience. There are 26 open plots to offer. Next month, work parties will begin to complete the task of clearing open plots. We are all looking forward to another successful year in the gardens. So many of the gardeners expressed their gratitude for the refuge the farm provides.


Diversity & Inclusion Note: Nicolette Hume is the First Native American Show host on Tualatin Valley TV

Local Geriatrician, Dr. Alia Alhumaid, and Nicolette have conducted the first virtual NCOA’s Aging Mastery Program® (AMP).

“I have become so inspired hearing all of your stories how to live my life in a more meaningful way.” -Jana (Current Participant)

“I am finding your class even more enlightening than I thought it would be and very much appreciating the discussion with our very open group of women.” -Jane (Current Participant) 


Parks & Recreation


Stewardship work parties are planting the seeds of habitat restoration to both older and younger community members…as well as potentially having an impact on their health!  Studies show that outdoor exercise and volunteering lowers stress, anxiety and depression. Now, more than ever, there is a keen desire to be outside and to interact (from a social distance) with others at an opportunity to give back.  Kudos to the Friends of the Parks groups that are leading small work parties.  These leaders do a great job to engage the volunteers in meaningful work and let them know their work is valued and important. Many of the volunteers will return to these natural park areas and witness how the native species and trees are growing, and know they made a difference during the Pandemic.


The City’s holiday light contest, #LetItGlowLO concluded on December 31st.  Community members were invited to showcase their holiday spirit with festive exterior décor at their homes and businesses.  Participants then shared photos of their illuminated displays on public social media accounts with the hashtag #LetItGlowLO and tagged the City.  Photos were reshared on City accounts and participants were automatically entered into a weekly lottery to win a $100 gift certificate to an LO business.  The campaign was supported through a sponsorship from Oswego Wealth Advisors and five winners were selected by the end of December.