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Public Works, Engineering & Drones

Did you know, our Public Works and Engineering teams actively use drones to inspect and improve our city infrastructure? Drones help provide different vantage points, topographical details, as well as keeping our staff safe in areas that are tough to access!

Here are three projects this past year:

💧 Annual Water Reservoir Inspections – To inspect the condition of our elevated reservoirs, they can be dangerous to climb and inspect (our tallest one is 65 feet!). Drone use allows Public Works to safely and quickly inspect our reservoirs.

🔎 Blue Heron Canal Wastewater Rehabilitation – In preparation for this project, our Engineers needed to collect data on topography, land survey, and canal condition. By using the drones, we were able to collect the data without disturbing these natural habitats and spaces, while avoiding entering private properties or causing personal injury on treacherous canal hikes.

📸 Boones Ferry Road Improvements A fantastic way to watch progress of a large-scale road project is to see it by the air. The Boones Ferry Road project is a full transformation with road, streetscape, and utility work reconstruction that is best captured from above. Our team has been documenting every stage to showcase the roadway, pedestrian, and biking improvements!

The best part of all this – we have our own City of Lake Oswego Aerial Imaging Team (AIT) made of highly skilled and trained staff!

Boones Ferry Road Project Making Strides!

Crews continue to make great progress on the transformation of Boones Ferry Road!

Here are some recent highlights and corresponding photos of the project:

  • The remaining new traffic signal poles and mast arms have been installed at the Oakridge intersection, and new intersection at McDonalds!

  • Street light poles are being installed along new sidewalks between Madrona Street and Reese Road. Crews have been testing those in the area south of Bryant Road, and they are now activated and lighting up the right-of-way!

  • New sidewalks have been poured on the east side of Boones Ferry between Bryant and Reese Road
  • Irrigation is being installed, and planting soil is being placed in the new stormwater and landscaped planters and medians. Plants, trees, grasses, shrubs will start arriving and being placed in February!
  • New bike racks are in, benches, a water fountain and trash cans!

  • Metal lettering embedded in colored concrete (feature photo) has been placed in portions along the new sidewalks, and interpretive cutouts along portions of the coreten stormwater planter edging is installed!

Next Big Traffic Switch Coming Soon  

In early-mid February, crews plan to switch their work zone to the west side of the road (Riccardo’s/Chevron side). Between Bryant Road and Reese Road, traffic will be shifted onto the east side of the road, so crews can begin working on the west side improvements and widening. This is expected to occur in early February.

The temporary traffic configuration of one lane in each direction plus a center turn lane will remain.  Some existing striping will be removed and new temporary striping placed. Please watch for changing traffic patterns and plan some extra time through the work zone as the traveling public gets used to the change.

In mid-February, traffic lanes between Oakridge Road (at the post office) and Lanewood Street will also shift. Crews will begin working on the east side improvements (Giant Burger side).

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More information?

For more information, visit, email, call 503-697-6573, or follow the city on social media with #BoonesFerryProject.

Country Club/Boones Ferry/Kerr Parkway Signal Repair Work Complete!

Notice any differences with the Country Club/Boones Ferry/Kerr Parkway signal lately? Last month, we replaced and upgraded the signal and pedestrian heads, signs, emergency detection sensors, and support cables. The new signal heads are much more visible with LED lights and reflective backboards, and are better secured with extra cabling.  Check them out next time you drive, roll, walk or stroll through the intersection!

For more information about the project, visit

Night Work Begins 11/16 on Country Club/Boones Ferry/Kerr Parkway Signal

The Country Club Road/Boones Ferry Road/Kerr Parkway signal is about to get a facelift! We are replacing and upgrading the signal heads, signs, detection sensors and support cables.

Weather permitting, night work is expected to start the week of 11/16 and take up to three weeks to complete. Work hours are 7 p.m. – 6 a.m. Monday through Friday. During work hours, the signal will be turned off and flaggers will direct traffic through the intersection. The slip lanes that approach the intersection will not be impacted. No work is planned 11/25 – 11/27 (Thanksgiving long weekend).

During work hours, please plan ahead for extra travel time and expect delays at this intersection.

For more information about this work, visit

Bryant & Firwood Weekend Road Closure 11/6 – 11/9

Starting tonight, Friday, 11/6 at 10 p.m., the intersection of Bryant, Firwood & Boones Ferry Road will be reconstructed and paved. This work is expected to continue 24/7 over the weekend, through 6 a.m. Monday, 11/9 and will significantly impact normal traffic routes.

Watch this short video to learn about this work, or read more below on what to expect during the weekend.

Key information:

  • Bryant Road will be closed to all through traffic between Upper Drive and Boones Ferry Road (local access for businesses and residents will be permitted)
  • Northbound traffic on Bryant Road will be detoured onto Upper Drive and Reese Road
  • Firwood Road will be closed to all through traffic between Waluga Drive and Boones Ferry Road (local access for businesses and residents will be permitted)
  • Traffic on Firwood will be detoured onto Waluga Drive and Madrona Street
  • One lane in each direction will remain open on Boones Ferry Road, but the signal will be turned off and traffic will be flagged through the intersection
  • Access will remain open to all businesses in the corridor – please use Boones Ferry Road to access driveways

Please plan ahead for extra travel time or find an alternate route during this work. View the map for detour routes and closure areas.

Thank you for your patience during this temporary traffic impact.

For more information, please visit 


Boones Ferry Road Project Reaches Major Milestone

Great news! Last night, we reached a major milestone: PGE removed the final remaining overhead utility pole in the project area [shown below]!

All utility overhead poles are now removed and all utility cables and wires are underground within the project limits! Next time you travel through the project area, see if you can notice the difference. Here are a few before and after photos:

Undergrounding utilities has been a highly complex and complicated effort since construction started in summer 2019. THANK YOU to all the utility companies, property owners, businesses, customers, and the traveling public for your patience and coordination with this huge feat. There have been many challenges and obstacles along the way, but with collaboration, communication and teamwork, we were able to accomplish the task!

Upcoming Traffic Impacts – Bryant Road & Firwood Road Closure

Crews are making solid progress building the new raised landscaped medians between Bryant Road and Madrona Street. Concrete pours are scheduled to occur over the next few weeks for portions of the medians.

Soon, the intersection of Bryant x Firwood x Boones Ferry Road will be completely reconstructed and paved.

This intersection work will result in a temporary closure on portions of both Bryant Road and Firwood Road. To minimize impacts, this work is planned to take place over one weekend starting at 10 p.m. Friday, November 6 through 6 a.m. Monday, November 9.

During this time:

  • Bryant Road will be closed to through traffic between Upper Drive and Boones Ferry Road
  • Northbound traffic on Bryant Road will be detoured onto Upper Drive and Reese Road
  • Firwood Road will be closed to through traffic between Waluga Drive and Boones Ferry Road
  • Traffic on Firwood will be detoured onto Waluga Drive and Madrona Street
  • The signal will be turned off and flaggers will direct traffic through the intersection
  • One lane in each direction is expected to remain open on Boones Ferry Road during most times
  • Access will remain open to all businesses in the corridor – use Boones Ferry Road to access business driveways
  • There will be periods where traffic will be traveling on gravel or rock while they rebuild and grade the roadway – drive safely

Please plan ahead for extra travel time or find an alternate route during these closures. This work is weather dependent and subject to change.

For the latest information, visit where you can sign-up for updates. You can also email or call 503-697-6573.

Imagine a Day Without Water

This year, we have faced an enormous public health crisis from the coronavirus pandemic and an unprecedented disaster with the recent wildfires. Throughout these emergencies, our water treatment plant operators and public works professionals have kept clean drinking water flowing to homes, hospitals, fire hydrants, schools, and businesses.

These crises demonstrate the critical role that water and wastewater systems play in our daily lives, protecting public health, safeguarding the environment, fighting fires, making a healthy economy possible, and supporting our quality of life.

Millions of Americans take water service for granted every day. We turn on the tap, and safe drinking water reliably flows out. We flush the toilet, and don’t have to think twice about where it goes.

Today, we Imagine a Day Without Water. We ask you to consider what your day would be like if you couldn’t turn on the tap and get clean drinking water. Let’s pause and notice the way that water systems impact our lives and communities. We ask you to share why water is important to you, your business, your family and your community, and help us commit to ensuring a sustainable water future for generations to come.

New Permanent Traffic Change Coming to Boones Ferry Road

Heads up, Lake Oswego! A major permanent traffic change is coming to Boones Ferry Road the week of 10/5!

Crews are getting ready to start working on the new raised landscaped medians in the southern portion of the project, between Madrona Street and Bryant Road. One of the primary reasons for the Boones Ferry Project is to improve traffic safety. Installing the raised medians helps with existing mid block left-turn problems in the corridor.

Watch this 2-minute video  to learn more about how this impacts the traveling public, or read more below!

Here’s what you need to know:
– Crews will set up their new work zone in the middle of the roadway
– Current northbound and southbound travel lanes on Boones Ferry Road will be shifted to the far west and far east travel lanes abutting the new curbs
– Pedestrians will be moved onto the new sidewalks
– The temporary center turn lane will be removed between Bryant and Madrona Streets
– Most left-turn movements will be eliminated in to and out of driveways on Boones Ferry Road
– A left turn pocket will be installed on Boones Ferry Road for southbound traffic accessing the Lake Grove Shopping Center
– There will be no left turns in and out of Madrona Street (at Boones Ferry Road) temporarily for about two weeks
– Once the new signalized intersections are activated later in the project, signalized U-turn movements will be permitted at the five signals – Madrona, Bryant, McDonald’s, Oakridge and Lanewood.

Removing left turn movements will take some time for the traveling public to get used to. In the meantime, please plan ahead for extra travel time, particularly upon entering and exiting driveways.

Please continue to support our local businesses! Follow the blue cones and signage to access driveways.

For the latest information from the field or to sign up for regular construction updates, visit: You can also email or call 503-697-6573.

Thank You, Frontline Workers!

🚒👨🏻‍🚒🚜👮🏽‍♀️ Not all heroes wear capes! 2020 has brought numerous challenges, but we are grateful to the City’s frontline workers who serve this community every day. The last few weeks, crews from Fire, Police, Parks, Public Works, and the Water Treatment Plant have worked tirelessly to respond to the wildfires and windstorm. Our hearts go out to those that have been affected by the fires, including members of City staff. Let’s give these incredible individuals the gratitude they deserve! THANK YOU 💙🙏🏽❤️

Thank you, LO Fire. Fire not only kept our community safe, they also worked on the frontlines to protect our state, serving on crews at the Clackamas Wildfires, Hwy 242 Fire and others.

Thank you, LO Police. Police had 18 officers help the City of Molalla evacuate. Police also had two officers covering calls for Molalla Police daily through 9/19 so officers in the community were able to rest.

Thank you, LOCOM. Our 9-1-1 dispatchers absorbed increased call volume from Clackamas County to help with evacuation orders and life and safety calls.

Thank you, Parks team.  Parks crews implemented closures due to fire risk and poor air quality.  In one day, our team closed 15 playgrounds, 27 restrooms, 7 parking lots, 4 dog parks/off-leash areas, 9 athletic fields, 22 natural areas, and the golf course. They are also cleaning up damage in parks caused by the windstorm.

Thank you, Public Works. Public Works responded to Monday’s windstorm by clearing 20 down trees and working with PGE to minimize power outages. By Tuesday, over 50% of our team were in Level 2 or higher evacuation. In the midst of evacuating families, they actively repaired fire trucks and cleared streets for travel.

Thank you, Water Treatment Plant operators. These heroes ensured firefighters had water to fight fires and our communities had clean drinking water. The staff worked 12-hour shifts in order to increase water production to aid neighboring water systems with water supply for fire related demands.

National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. As we have learned with the COVID-19 pandemic and Oregon Wildfires, emergencies can take many forms and often occur unexpectedly. Lake Oswego was recently under a level one “Be Ready” evacuation notice for the Clackamas Wildfires. While our evacuation level may have been lifted, it is an important lesson for us all to be prepared and get our kits together.

Fortunately, pulling together the needed supplies for an emergency kit isn’t difficult or expensive, and you’re probably already more prepared than you think! Having an emergency supply of water is one of the most important things that you can do to prepare for an emergency. People can survive for weeks without food, but only a few days without water. So, water is a good place to start your preparedness efforts. Here in the PNW, the general rule is one gallon of water per person or pet per day to last you 14 days.

As for the rest of the kit, take stock of what you already have around your home. Pack up your items in an easy-to-carry container and store them in a centralized, accessible location. Finally, add the remaining items to your shopping list and pick up a few things every time to you go to the store.

Learn more about how to store your emergency water supply and other things you can do to get prepared at