Tree Removal Application for D Avenue

With final design wrapping up, the project team is preparing to submit a tree removal application. Starting tomorrow, neighbors may notice trees being flagged in the right-of-way along D Avenue and signage posted along the corridor (similar to the sign pictured herein)


The project design team put forth a great effort in juggling all competing interests, to minimize tree removal and avoid impacts to trees in the corridor. A total of 49 trees have been identified for removal as a result of the final design. Of those, 27 trees will fall under a Type II Tree Removal Application and are required to be flagged in yellow. The remaining 22 are on the City’s invasive species list and will fall under an Invasive Tree Species Removal Application. While the 22 invasive trees are not required to be flagged as part of the application process, these trees will still be flagged in pink.  All trees that have been identified for removal are located within the public right-of-way and mitigation measures will include the planting of 74 replacement trees.

The project team has prepared a comprehensive Tree Protection Plan that spells out what protective measures will need to be taken when the project is under construction.  Measures include a contractor tree protection meeting, tree protection fencing and signage, and identifies specific trees that will require monitoring by the arborist when work is occurring within critical root zones.

Approved trees will not be removed until a contractor is on board this spring.

Final Design Plans

The final plans will be posted on the materials page in the coming weeks. We’ll send an email update once they are posted online. In the next month, letters will be sent to property owners on D Avenue to share the final design related to their frontage.

Construction and ‘Meet the Contractor’ Meeting

Construction is expected to begin this spring, with varying activities taking place throughout the corridor into late fall 2018. Depending on weather and other variables, the final paving and plantings could shift to spring 2019.

Once a contractor is on board, the project team plans to hold a ‘Meet the Contractor’ meeting to share more information about construction, duration, expected impacts and provide an opportunity for neighbors to meet the contractor before work starts in the neighborhood. Stay tuned for a meeting announcement shortly.

For more information, please contact the project team.