Construction Update 8/3/18

The major road excavation is now complete along the ten blocks of D Avenue! Starting today, the concrete crews are beginning to install stakes and place forms in preparation for the concrete flatwork. Next week, the concrete placement will begin for the roadway edging, valley gutters and intersection curbs. This work is expected to continue for a few weeks. Neighbors will notice an increase in concrete trucks coming and going from the project area.

There will be times when driveways on D Avenue will be blocked during the concrete work, and residents will need to park on side streets. Crews will work one-on-one with residents to provide reasonable and safe access. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding!

While it might not look like much activity is taking place in some of the closed areas, the entire roadway is dug out. Crews are moving up and down the corridor throughout the day. Manholes are exposed. Trenches are open. Survey stakes are being placed. Concrete forms are being installed, and starting next week, concrete will be poured along the entire corridor. D Avenue is completely closed to east-west traffic from State to 10th Streets. If you need to cross D Avenue, please only use 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th Streets. All other streets and alleys are closed at D.

As a reminder, please do not park in the alleys. This blocks emergency access and Republic Service garbage collection.

Don’t be this person! Road closed means YOU!

It’s pretty simple, when there’s a road closed sign posted, it means the road is CLOSED…for all vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, dog walkers etc. Disobeying the road closed signs and driving through the closed areas – like this person pictured in the black car – is a traffic violation. LOPD has issued many citations, and continues to patrol the neighborhood.

Last week after work hours, one vehicle drove around the barricades at 5th and D, into the work zone, through an irrigation trench and crashed into a newly installed storm line manhole. The damage was so intense that the manhole needed to be completely dug out and replaced. A police report has been filed. If anyone has more information about this incident, please contact LOPD on 503-635-0238.

Traffic and Safety Issues Escalating

Unfortunately, traffic and safety violations are escalating on D Avenue. Not only are people cutting through the closed areas, during and after work hours, but road closure barricades and sidewalk signs are being moved out of the road and alleys. Safety caution tape is being cut and ripped off from the barricades and signs (pictured below). This is happening multiple times a day, and it is not only impacting Emery’s productivity and ability to conduct their work safely, but it is impacting the public’s safety.

The road closed signs and caution tape are there for a reason – to keep you and the crews safe. Please do not attempt to move the signs or pull the tape off. The City is increasing surveillance through increased police patrols and the project team may also install security cameras.

All drivers, pedestrians and cyclists – please use the open streets (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th) to cross D. The other cross streets and all alleys are CLOSED to through traffic between C and E Avenues 24/7.

Please do your part to stay safe, keep our construction crews safe, and keep this project moving towards the finish line.

For more information contact the project team.