Construction Update 8/14/18

The new roadway is finally taking shape on D Avenue! Late last week, concrete crews started pouring the one ft. wide concrete edging from State to 10th Street. These concrete bands will be flush with the new pavement (see below).

Click here to view a video of edging being placed on D Avenue.

This week, crews are continuing on the valley gutters (edging that has a slight V to help channel the stormwater) and also the curb corners at each of the intersections.

D Avenue remains closed to east-west traffic from State to 10th Streets. If you need to cross D Avenue, please only use 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th Streets. All other streets and alleys are closed at D.

Crews poured the first intersection curb corner today at 2nd, and are working their way west (pictured below). While crews pour the new intersection curb corners, temporary half day closures will be in place at each intersection – including 1st, 4th and 7thFlaggers will redirect traffic to the nearest open cross street during this work. If you need to access the neighborhood during this time, it is best to use 10th Street to avoid any potential closures and work areas. Lanes will also be temporarily narrowed at the intersections – please watch for oncoming traffic and yield as needed.

A special thank you to neighbors on D Avenue for your patience with this work, as several driveways have been blocked during this concrete phase. We will continue to work one-on-one with you regarding access.

First Base Layer of Paving – Next Week!

On Thursday, August 23, and Friday, August 24, crews expect to place the first 3-inch base layer of asphalt along the entire ten blocks of D Avenue. This will result in a complete closure of D Avenue and all north/south cross streets, except State and 10th Street. All traffic will be detoured to 10th Street, and E and C Avenues. This is to allow the new pavement enough time to cool.

Soon after, crews will also be paving 1st Street between D and E Avenues. Neighbors who take driveway access on 1st Street will receive a door hanger 48-hours ahead of the paving scheduled for your street. During the paving, residents will need to park on side streets.

Neighbors should expect an increase in noise and vibration during the paving preparation and placement. Crews will be using a vibratory roller to compact the rock and newly placed asphalt, which creates vibration.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding with the construction.

Road Expected to Reopen by August 27

Crews are hoping to reopen D Avenue to through traffic by August 27, in time for school! Although the FULL closure for the entire ten blocks will be lifted, intermittent daytime closures will still be in effect over the coming months as crews finish the next stage of the project. This work involves building the stormwater rain gardens, pouring the sidewalk, installing the bollard lighting, placing the landscaping and miscellaneous restoration work.

Please note, there will be one more occurrence when the entire roadway will be closed and the 10th street detour will be in place when the final top lift of pavement is placed (stay tuned for more information on when).

Safety Reminder

Remember, the road closed signs and caution tape are there for a reason – to keep you and the crews safe. Please do not attempt to move the signs or pull the tape off, including during evenings and weekends.

Please do your part to stay safe, keep our construction crews safe, and keep this project moving towards the finish line. Thanks for your patience.                                           

For more information contact the project team!