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City of Lake Oswego
Willamette River railroad bridge

Key Documents and Reports

Title Department
Accessory Structures Planning
Administrative Modification (R-6) Planning
Change of Use Planning
Checklist for Non-conforming Structures in Resource Protection or Resource Conservation Districts Planning
Citizen Involvement Guidelines (04/07/2009) Planning
Comprehensive Plan Planning
Developing Near Sensitive Lands Planning
Development Review Planning
Fences Handout Planning
Historic Resource Protection Plan - 1989 Planning
Historic Review Handout Planning
Home Occupation Handout Planning
Infill Design Handbook Planning
Instructions for Preparing Mailing Labels Planning
Lot Line Adjustment Handout Planning
Mechanical Equipment Handout Planning
Modification to Development Permit Handout Planning
Native and Invasive Plant List Planning
Natural Resources Planning
Neighborhood Association Program Planning
Neighborhood Enhancement Program Grants Planning
Neighborhood Meeting Notice Requirements Packet (01/04/2018) Planning
Neighborhood Planning Planning
Partition Handout Planning
Planning Maps Planning
Pre-Application Brochure Planning
Public Facilities Plan & Appendix Planning
Residential Infill Brochure Planning
Residential Infill Design (RID) Handout Planning
Resource Conservation Protection Area (RCPA) and Habitat Benefit Area (HBA) Determination Planning
Resource Delineation Planning
Resource Enhancement Projects Planning
Resource Enhancement Projects Permitting Guidance Planning
Secondary Dwelling Unit (SDU) Handout Planning
Sensitive Lands Protection Procedures Planning
Setbacks (supplemental information) Planning
Sidewalk Cafe Application Planning
Signs Planning
Street Tree Planting Planning
Subdivisions Handout Planning
Tree Code Trees
Urban Growth Management Agreement Planning
Variances Handout Planning