We are EcoHome LO, and our mission is to cultivate and celebrate residential sustainability in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Our program is web-based and free-to-join, providing tools and resources to help Lake Oswegans improve their households’ ecological footprints. Residents can participate by working toward completing a set of virtual checklists — the EcoDay Checklist (short-term) and the EcoHome Certification Checklist (long-term) — each of which enumerates dozens of sustainable habits or actions that participants may choose to complete. The program is structured to accommodate a variety of living situations, workloads, and mobility levels, allowing every resident to participate in whatever capacity they are able.

EcoHome LO participants take a broad, holistic approach to sustainability, emphasizing all three of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s sustainability pillars: environmental protection, economic viability, and social equity.

Residents who choose to participate in the program, adopt sustainable practices, and track their progress through the online portal have the unique opportunity to apply for EcoHome certification; read more here!

Still not sure what we’re all about? Our FAQ forum is a great place to find the answers to questions about the EcoHome LO program and certification process!