2022 Pathways Program

The City is creating several new pathways to connect neighborhoods with local elementary schools and parks. Each pathway will provide critical missing connections linking neighborhoods to schools, business districts, and recreation areas. This project is part of the City and Council goal of providing safe pedestrian facilities that encourage walking, rolling, and riding while reducing vehicle trips.

Project Details

Improvements are to include new pathways & stormwater upgrades for four new pathway connections: 

  • Douglas Way Pathway – from Quarry Road to Boones Ferry Road
  • Boca Ratan Drive Pathway – from Bonniebrae Drive to Atwater Road
  • Hallinan Street Pathway – from Hemlock Street to Cherry Lane
  • Lanewood Street/Douglas Circle Pathway – from Boones Ferry Road to Twin Fir Road


  • Planning & Design: Spring ‒ Fall 2022
  • Construction: Summer 2023

This pathway project is identified as an important component in the City’s Transportation System Plan (TSP) and is funded under the current Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The scope of the 2022 Pathways Project was selected by the Transportation Advisory Board. 

Project Updates: 

July 20, 2022 - Upcoming Community Meetings 

In May, we held our first open houses with neighbors and gathered additional community feedback through questionnaires. We would like to share with neighbors the design concepts showing possible alternatives of the pathways. We invite you to attend the second community meeting regarding the proposed pathways. This is the next opportunity in the design process for input and discussion.

Four meetings will be held on:

  • Monday, August 8 at 6 p.m. for Douglas Way Pathway (at Lake Grove Elementary School Library)
  • Monday, August 8 at 7:30 p.m. for Lanewood Street/Douglas Circle Pathway (at Lake Grove Elementary School Library)
  • Tuesday, August 9 at 6 p.m. for Boca Ratan Drive Pathway (at Lake Oswego City Hall Council Chambers)
  • Tuesday, August 9 at 7:30 p.m. for Hallinan Street Pathway (at Lake Oswego City Hall Council Chambers)

Maps showing the preliminary alternatives will be posted to the project website on the date of the meeting. Please note, these will be conceptual drawings based on initial community feedback and are in no way final. The design team is working to balance the need for improvements with property constraints, while also listening to neighbor concerns.

In addition to the conceptual drawings, an online questionnaire will be available for you to provide feedback. The questionnaire will be available on the project website in mid-August through the end of August. 

July 18, 2022 - Round One Questionnaire Results

Results from the first round of questionnaires are now available:

In addition, a summary of the open houses is also available here.

The next opportunity in the design process for input and discussion will be in August. A second round of community meetings will be held to share design concepts showing possible alternatives of the pathway with community members.

In addition, online questionnaires will be available for each of the pathway locations in mid-August. Stay tuned for more information and meeting details! 

May 24, 2022

Thank you for your feedback and attending the meetings. The questionnaires are now closed. We appreciate your participation and will incorporate the feedback we have received into the next stages of the design. Stay tuned for more information!

May 2022 - Round One Meetings and Questionnaires

The City is committed to working with neighbors along planned pathway streets and within the neighborhoods, to gather input and concerns to aid with the initial phase of the design. The City and project team is holding four focused discussions to listen to and learn from neighbors. 

Four meetings will be held on:

  • Tuesday, May 17 for Hallinan Street Pathway
  • Wednesday, May 18 for Douglas Way Pathway
  • Wednesday, May 18 for Lanewood Street Pathway
  • Thursday, May 19 for Boca Ratan Drive Pathway

We encourage neighbors to attend these meetings. Your early input and ideas will help us develop concepts before we move forward with the design work in the coming months. At the meetings, we will provide a map showing existing information such as property lines, locations of trees, driveways, underground utilities, and other features in the right-of-way on a map.


We also have online questionnaires available for neighbors to complete and share feedback. Your feedback and comments will ensure we have consistent information from all residents in the project area. Links for each questionnaire are outlined below:

  • Hallinan Street Pathway Questionnaire
  • Douglas Way Pathway Questionnaire
  • Lanewood Street Pathway Questionnaire
  • Boca Ratan Drive Pathway Questionnaire 

Questionnaires will be open until May 23. 

March 2022 - Project Introduction

Currently, the City of Lake Oswego and its engineering consulting partner are beginning the design process for four new pathway connections within the City. 

The first phase of the project will be to solicit input from the residents of the neighborhoods in which these pathways will be constructed. Residents will be given the opportunity at open house events to review conceptual designs and potential alignments. Feedback will be used by the project team to inform the pathway designs. Letters will be mailed to residents’ homes in the coming weeks with more information.