About Us

The core purpose of the Engineering Department is to provide quality engineering services for the City of Lake Oswego consistent with environmental values, safety standards and the needs of the community.

We are committed to excellence in infrastructure management, planning, design and construction. This includes stormwater, wastewater (sewers), water, streets and transportation. Within the charge, there are a number of other services provided by the department:

•  Design, construction, and inspection of public infrastructure projects

•  Management of traffic and transportation laws, regulations, issues and requests

•  Review and analysis of development proposals for consistency with land use ordinances, codes, and standards, including erosion control and system inspections during construction

•  Provide historical records of the systems the city is responsible for, translating them into maps and databases through Geographic Information Systems

•  Compliance with federal, state, and local regulations for water quality

•  Operate and maintain the Lake Oswego – Tigard Water Treatment Plant, producing clean, safe and reliable drinking water for more than 90,000 residents every day

•  Manage a city-wide water conservation program, stormwater management program and capital improvement program