ADA Curb Ramp Program


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted in 1990 to ensure equal opportunities and access for individuals with disabilities. One crucial aspect of ADA compliance is providing accessible infrastructure, including sidewalks and street crossings. Curb ramps are essential components of pedestrian infrastructure, allowing people with mobility devices, such as wheelchairs or scooters, to navigate streets and sidewalks safely.

Over the years, we have made progress in improving accessibility, however, many areas in Lake Oswego still lack proper ADA-compliant curb ramps. The absence of accessible curb ramps creates barriers for individuals with disabilities, limiting their ability to move freely and independently in public spaces.

Program Need

Creating a new ADA curb ramp program is a direct implementation strategy and initiative as a result of the City’s ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan, which was adopted by City Council in 2022.

A new ADA curb ramp program is essential to address accessibility gaps, enhance safety, comply with legal requirements, promote community inclusivity, and contribute to broader infrastructure modernization efforts.

By implementing a comprehensive program, the City can create a more accessible and welcoming environment for everyone.

2024 Project Scope and Prioritization

The prioritization of curb ramps is based on the ADA Transition Plan criteria, which includes:

  • Access to servicing government offices and public facilities first;
  • Access to transportation hubs, such as bus stops;
  • Access to commercial districts and employers, with consideration given to locations serving other areas; and
  • Specific barriers highlighted in ADA complaints, as long as it is feasible to do so.

In 2024, the first set of curb ramps to be designed as part of the new curb ramp program include these high priority ramps:

Location/Intersection Number of Ramps

E Avenue and State Street


Country Club Road and Knaus Road


Country Club Road and Verte Court


Country Club Road and Redwood Court


Country Club Road and Goodall Road


Country Club Road and Shireva Drive


Shireva Drive and Shireva Court


Reese Road and Lake Grove Avenue (NE corner)


Indian Creek Drive at 18441 and 18411


Indian Creek Drive and Wood Thrust Street

Total 19


  • Design: early 2024 through summer 2024
  • Construction: fall 2024

Project Updates

February 8, 2024:

Over the next month or so, crews will be conducting surveys and marking utilities in the right-of-way at each of the proposed curb ramp locations. This is part of early preliminary design work.

Project Details
WO 347
Project Contact: 

Heike Shipton, Project Manager and P.E.

503-697-6510 or email

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