A Avenue and 5th Street Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

Project Need and Background

The goal of this project is to enhance the safety conditions of the crosswalk located at the intersection of A Avenue and 5th Street. The existing crosswalk features a pedestrian-activated overhead beacon located on the east side of the intersection for individuals crossing A Avenue. The project aims to address and improve the overall safety and functionality of this important pedestrian crossing point in the downtown area of Lake Oswego.

The current crossing has a number of common safety concerns:

  • Visibility issues with the existing flashing beacons
  • Obscured sightlines
  • Non-compliant Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps and push buttons. 

Project Scope

To address these issues, the project scope includes the following improvements:

  • Clearer signage: replacing the existing flashing beacon with a new highly visible rectangular rapid flashing beacon to alert drivers and pedestrians to the presence of the crossing.
  • Crosswalk repainting: installing highly visible crosswalk striping, making it easier to identify for all road users.  
  • Trimming vegetation: to improve sightlines for both pedestrians and drivers. This could potentially include some tree removal. 
  • ADA enhancements: to improve signal equipment, pedestrian push buttons, and three curb ramps at (NW, NE, SE).


  • Design: late 2023 – summer 2024
  • Construction: late summer/fall 2024

Project Updates

July 2024

Designs are being finalized and we expect to go out to bid in late July or early August. Construction is expected to take place in late summer through early fall.

More information to come once a contractor is hired. 

December 4, 2023 

In early December, crews will be conducting surveys and marking utilities in the right-of-way near the pedestrian crossing. This is part of early preliminary design work.

Project Details
WO 345
Project Contact: 

Javier Moncada, Project Manager
503-675-2533 or email