Blue Heron Road Stormwater Pipe Replacement

The City of Lake Oswego recently became aware of a serious issue related to a large-diameter stormwater pipe that is located on Blue Heron Road, at the intersection of South Shore Blvd (see diagram below).

The bottom section of the 30-inch diameter aluminum pipe has completely deteriorated and is missing.  Therefore, the pipe is in urgent need of replacement to avoid potential collapse.

The effort to replace the pipe will involve the removal of a large Maple tree that is situated directly above the pipe, followed by open-trench excavation to remove the old aluminum pipe and install a new stormwater pipe.

Project Updates: 


May 5, 2022

Currently, the City is completing the surveying and topographic mapping of the site, necessary to prepare contract drawings.  Additionally, the City has secured a tree removal permit for the Maple and we are currently seeking bids for its removal.  Parallel tasks also include preparing contract documents, requesting bids and selecting a contractor for the pipe replacement work.

3220 Blue Heron Road
Lake Oswego,
Project Details
WO 329
Project Contact: 

Rob Amsberry, Engineering Program Lead