Country Club/Boones Ferry/Kerr Parkway Traffic Signal Rehabilitation

Project Background / Summary: 

This project repaired the traffic signal hardware at the intersection of Boones Ferry Road/Kerr Parkway/Country Club Road. The following was included: 

  • Remove and replace the existing spans across all four legs of the intersection.
  • Install tether cable between steel strain poles on all 4 legs of intersection.
  • Remove and replace all twelve existing signal heads with reinforced polycarbonate signal housing, LED modules, standard polycarbonate visors, and polycarbonate reflective backboards.
  • Install 12 signal heads on new spanwire hangers with cable eye bolts.
  • Remove and replace emergency vehicle detection system.
  • Remove and replace lane-use signs on westbound Country Club Road approach on new sign brackets attached with new spanwire hangers and cable eye bolts.
  • Remove and replace pedestrian signal heads with count-down heads.,

This signal rehabilitation work took place in November 2020 and is complete. Work hours were at night, from 7 p.m. - 6 a.m. The signal was turned off and flaggers directed traffic through the intersection. Thank you for your patience during this rehabilitation work! 

Project Details
WO 299
Project Contact: 

Javier Moncada - Senior Associate Project Engineer


Construction Line: 503-635-0261