Daniel Way Creek Stabilization Project

The City is in the beginning phase of a stream channel stabilization project adjacent to Daniel Way.  The stream channel has down-cut, there are areas of severe erosion along its banks and has begun to undermine she curb along the road.

In winter 2021/2022, through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process, the City selected a competent engineering team to begin the design and permitting work for the project.

The first phase of work will involve survey, mapping, permitting and engineering design tasks.  The data gathered from a detailed survey and mapping of the existing topography, utilities, trees and resource protection areas will inform the design and provide the information necessary for completing applications to the various agencies.  It is anticipated that permits will be required from Oregon Division of State Lands (DSL), US Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), Oregon DEQ and the City of Lake Oswego.

Phase two of the project will involve packaging the design and specifications into a contract format and bidding out the project for construction.  Once bids are received and a contractor selected, project construction can begin.


Project Updates: 


May 2022

This spring, surveyors, biologists and arborists will begin their field work.  The design and permitting is expected to take place through early 2023.

Bidding and contractor selection will take place in the early spring of 2023 and the actual construction work will occur in the summer through fall of 2023, when in-stream work is allowed by the agencies.

Project Details
WO 323
Project Contact: 

Rob Amsberry, Project Manager