Fosberg Road Drainage Improvements

Fosberg Road is a mostly uncurbed street where, during periods of heavy rain, the section south of Glacier Lily Street experiences severe shoulder erosion and the flooding of private properties.  This project will construct the necessary infrastructure to capture the runoff and manage it within the City's stormwater system.  The small storm project, to be constructed between Carmen Drive and Glacier Lily Street, is expected to extend the existing curb up the westerly side of the road to the area of Glacier Lily Street.  The project will also include new storm pipe and inlets along the lower segment of Fosberg Road.  Additionally, the existing storm inlets at Glacier Lily will be replaced with new inlets that are more efficient at capturing the runoff that flows out of the neighborhood to the east.

Most of the preparatory field work has been completed and the project is currently in the design phase.  Contract bidding is expected to take place in late winter with construction scheduled for early summer.

Project Details
WO 288
Project Contact: 

Rob Amsberry, Project Manager


Construction Line 503.635.0261