Lower Lakeview and Hunter/Rosewood Drainage Improvements

Project Scope/Background

Lower Lakeview Boulevard currently has little to no stormwater infrastructure or treatment facilities to reduce the amount of runoff experienced in the area. This project will decommission three drywells and provide the beginnings of a public stormwater system, treat stormwater, and improve drainage in the area of Lakeview Boulevard, between 6077 Lakeview Blvd and 6333 Lakeview Blvd. This project is required for compliance with the City's Underground Injection Control (UIC) Stormwater Permit. 

The Hunter Court/Rosewood Street area currently has infiltration trenches, which are planned to be removed and replaced with new public rain gardens or stormwater planters where feasible in the right-of-way.

The Pilkington Road portion of this project involves decommissioning a drywell and connection to the public stormwater system in Pilkington Road.

The project limits include three areas:

  • Lakeview Blvd (6077 Lakeview Blvd to 6333 Lakeview Blvd)
  • A one (1)-block area at 17607 Pilkington Rd
  • All of Hunter Ct and, on Rosewood St, from Hunter Ct to Rebecca Lane.


  • Design – 2024
  • Construction – summer 2025

These schedules are subject to change.

Project Details
WO 354
Project Contact: 

Sonja Johnson, PE
Project Manager