Neighborhood Traffic

The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) was established in 1993 to give citizens and neighborhoods greater participation in decisions regarding traffic management on neighborhood collectors and local residential streets in order to promote the safety and livability of residential neighborhoods.

These objectives have been partially met by installing traffic management devices such as speed bumps, traffic circles, and diverters on local streets. To date, approximately 50 speed bumps, one diverter, one traffic circle, and one street closure have been utilized to calm neighborhood traffic.

The eight-member Transportation Advisory Board oversees the program.

Other tools the City uses include selective police enforcement and education. The education component was developed to increase citizen involvement in addressing speeding concerns in their neighborhoods. The program, which commenced in March of 1997, contains two main elements:  Neighborhood Speed Watch and placement of LOPD's Speed Reader.

For more information on the program, or to obtain a list of traffic calming devices, an application for traffic calming or a brochure, email or call 503.635.0274.

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