North Shore Road Bridge Closed

To maintain public safety, the North Shore Road Bridge is closed to vehicular traffic until further notice.

[Updated 9.8.21]

A temporary access route has been established over the bridge for people walking, rolling, and biking. 

The City recently identified structural concerns with the retaining wall near the bridge. We are investigating the conditions of the retaining wall and conducting a structural analysis over the coming months. Long-term closure may be needed.

Please use alternative routes and keep North Shore Road for local traffic. We will keep you informed about the wall condition, updated timelines, and closure plans as we learn more.


Why is the North Shore Road Bridge closed?

The City recently discovered cracks and movement in the nearby retaining wall, which supports the approaching roadway. To maintain public safety, the North Shore Road Bridge is closed to all vehicular traffic as the City conducts structural analysis of the retaining wall and approaching roadway. There are concerns with the retaining wall and roadway, not the bridge itself.

What did you base your decision for closure on?

The decision to close the retaining wall (and adjacent bridge) was based on visual assessments from geotechnical and structural engineers, and our own field investigations that indicated cracking and movement between the wall and the roadway.

The survey data shows that the NE corner approach of the retaining wall appears to have moved about an inch in the past two years, and is bowing outward. 

How long has the City known about the issue?

Cracks and movement in the retaining wall were discovered during a July 2021 inspection.

What about the condition of the bridge?

The bridge itself does not appear to be of concern.

Is the bridge and roadway open to people walking, rolling and biking?

Yes, a safe temporary access route has been established over the bridge for people walking, rolling, and biking. Please watch for signage and follow the channelization devices.

Why is the bridge open for people walking, rolling and biking if it is not safe for vehicles?

The North Shore Road Bridge is closed to vehicles due to the high volume of traffic and traffic weight that uses the bridge and approaching roadway. The bridge is a high traffic route during commute hours, as well as frequently used by delivery and construction trucks. This creates unnecessary stress and weight to the roadway and retaining wall.

The Bridge and roadway is now open for people walking, rolling and biking since these activities do not add significant weight to the structure. After further expert analysis and continuous monitoring, future long-term closures might be needed.

I live in the local area, can’t I travel over the bridge and through the road closure signs?

No, the road closed signs are there for a reason – to keep you safe and vehicles out of the closure area. Please do not attempt to move the barricades or travel past the signs, even if you live in the local area.  

Are boats still allowed to access under the bridge, if so, why?

At this time, Lakecorp is still allowing boating access under the bridge. The structural concerns appear to be with the retaining wall and approaching roadway, not the bridge itself. However, this is subject to change. The City is coordinating closely with Lake Corp and any changes will be posted here.  

How long will the bridge and road be closed for?

The bridge and road will be closed until further notice. Long-term closures may be needed to maintain public safety.

What is the timeline for the structural analysis and potential repair?

This is a top priority. The City is hiring an expert structural engineer to perform further analysis, identify the cause of the issue, and possible solutions.

The duration has been estimated as several months as the City needs to develop a scope of work, and contract with a consultant who will then need to schedule their site visits and perform testing. The structural consultant will then take their findings to develop a report and recommendation of solutions.

It may take a while to conduct the analysis, and any potential design and construction of a remedy that results from the investigation. Any repairs will be in coordination with the Department of State Lands, Lake Corporation, and any private utilities in the area.

How often is the bridge inspected?

As a part of managing our roadways and bridges, the City has routine analysis done on our transportation system. ODOT inspects our bridges typically every other year. The North Shore Road Bridge specifically has been routinely monitored and surveyed since 2014.

Will my trash or mail service be interrupted?

The City has notified Republic Services and USPS about the closure. If you have additional work at your home (landscaping, construction, etc.), please let them know to use an alternate route.

What about emergency vehicle access?

The bridge closure will not impact emergency vehicle access. There will be no interruption to emergency response – Police and Fire will be able to access the area from the north or the south.

Contact Information

Construction Line: 503-635-0261