You have entered the Engineering Department's forms and documents link.  This link is intended to provide easy and convenient citizen access to frequently requested documents.  (The forms are best viewed in Edge, Chrome or Firefox.  Internet Explorer doesn't always display the forms properly.)

Erosion Control Permit Application
Pursuant to Lake Oswego Code (52.02.040), Erosion Control Permits are required prior to conducting certain site excavation activities.

POD/Dumpster Request Application
POD/Dumpster request for in-street placement.

Public Improvement Permit
Companies who seek to construct and install certain public improvements which includes one or more of the following actions: break up, dig up, cut, excavate or fill in any street, or construct sidewalks, curbs, gutters or do any work in or upon any street, or install sanitary sewers, surface water management facilities, or water mains; will need to obtain a Public Improvement Permit.

Street Opening Permit
Construction activities in the public right-of-way or public utility easements require a street opening permit issued by Engineering.

Traffic Control Plan Guidelines and Application
The purpose of a Traffic Control Plan (TCP) is to allow the contractor to work within the public right-of-way efficiently and effectively while maintaining a safe, uniform flow of traffic.

Franchise Utility Permit Application
Franchise/Licensed Utilities working in the public right-of way or public utility easements.

Safety Concern Form
If you have a concern related to traffic.