The Oregon Municipal Audit Law (ORS 297.405 ~ 297.555) requires a financial audit and examination be made of the accounts and financial affairs of every municipal corporation at least once a year.

The City has received an unqualified opinion on its annual financial audit from its independent auditors for over twenty-five years. These audits have found that the City's financial statements present fairly the City's financial condition and are in conformance with generally accepted accounting principles applied on a consistent basis. The annual audit also includes favorable Compliance and Internal Control reports as required by Government Auditing Standards.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report 

The City's complete audited financial statements are presented in a Annual Comprehensive Financial Report that encompasses all funds and component units.

Complete Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports (see attachments):

  • FY23 Complete Audit Document (1.9 MB in size)
  • FY22 Complete Audit Document (1.7 MB in size)
  • FY21 Complete Audit Document (1.7 MB in size)

Any citizen who is interested in receiving a hard copy of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report may contact the Finance Department at City Hall - third floor. Copies will also be on file at the public library.

The urban renewal audit reports for the Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency (LORA) are located on a separate webpage.

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