Dog License

A dog license must be procured by paying the City a fee, not later than 30 days after the person becomes keeper of the dog, if the following applies:

  • If your residence is within the City of Lake Oswego's boundaries, then State law requires that you obtain a dog license from the City.

  • To ensure all dogs are properly immunized, licensing programs were formed by counties and cities following Oregon Revised Statutes 609.030 to 609.405, which say "every person keeping a dog that has a set of permanent canine teeth or is six months old, whichever comes first, shall procure a license for the dog."

  • Administrative Rules for the State of Oregon Health Division (Chapter 333, Division 19, Section 345) require all dogs six months of age and older to be immunized against rabies.

City applications for dog licenses may be obtained at City Hall, download and printed, or apply online.  Call 503-635-0255 for further information.

Dog License Application Instructions Link

Dog License Fee Schedule

New License & Renewals Expires on the appropriate month end
  1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Spayed/Neutered   $30   $60  $  90








Important Information Concerning Your Application

Delinquent license charge
(60 days past the dog license expiration date)

$20 plus license fee

Replacement of lost dog tags

$5 per lost tag

Dog impounded without license

License fee plus impoundment fee

Impoundment fee (first pickup)


Impoundment fee (additional pickups)

$60 (within any 90 days)

Shelter Fee

Set by Clackamas County Dog Control Shelter 503-655-8628

Rabies Certificate
Dog owners are required to provide the City with a current rabies certificate.

Exceptions for rabies vaccination
A note from a veterinarian, giving a valid reason for exempting the dog from a rabies vaccination, is presented to the Finance Department prior to licensing your dog.  Examples are: elderly or infirm dogs exempted for health reasons.

Reduced Fees for Neutered or Spayed Dogs
There is a reduced license fee if the dog is neutered or spayed. On the renewal applications, if yes is marked for Spayed/Neutered, the owner need not show proof that the dog has been neutered or spayed. All first-time licenses must show proof in order to qualify for the reduced fee.

Delinquent Fees
License renewals become delinquent 60 days past your license expiration date.

Residents of Unincorporated Areas
If you reside outside the City boundaries, but within Clackamas County, the contact information for a County dog license is:

Clackamas County Dog Control
13141 SE Hwy 212
Clackamas, Oregon    97015

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