Door-to-door Solicitation

Door-to-Door Solicitation Rules

Solicitation for any purposes, e.g., for-profit business, non-profit organization, charitable entity, or political candidate or measure, must be conducted in accordance with LOC 34.16.910-.950.

"Solicitation" means “the entry onto real property used for residential purposes by a person for the purpose of communicating with an occupant of the property, whether the communication is verbal, visual or in writing.”

Solicitors are prohibited from:

  • Soliciting on residential real property during certain hours (i.e., between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. when the local time is daylight savings or only to 8 p.m. when the local time is standard time) without the consent of the occupant to do so (LOC 34.16.915),

  • Entering residential real property upon which a “No Solicitation” sign is posted per LOC 34.16.945 (states how the sign must read, its size, and where is should be displayed).

Is a Business License Required to Solicit?  If the solicitor is soliciting as or for a “business,” a city business license that states solicitations will occur may be needed.  A city business license is required for “any occupation, profession or commercial activity engaged in for profit or livelihood in the City,” unless exempt under LOC 20.02.025(4).  The requirement for a business license includes businesses that are based outside of the city but conducting business activities within Lake Oswego, e.g., soliciting. 

Please see Lake Oswego Business License for more information about applying for a business license.  (Businesses that are not based in Lake Oswego and are soliciting for a relatively brief time may find a temporary business license may be most suitable. A temporary business license costs $25 for one week only, $50 for two weeks; maximum two temporary licenses per year.)

The business license application requires the applicant to state whether door-to-door solicitations will be conducted, and if so, solicitor identification must be provided of all persons soliciting for the business, e.g., a copy of state drivers license, Oregon Identification Card, passport.  If the business already has a business license but solicitor identification was not provided when the business license was applied for, the required solicitor identification should be provided to the Finance Department, Business Licensing by mail or in person at City Hall at least seven days prior to the solicitor starting solicitation.

What Are Solicitors Required to Carry?  A solicitor for a business that does not have an office, business premises or other established place of business within Lake Oswego is required to carry a copy of the business license when soliciting.  LOC 20.02.100(2).

No Solicitation Signs  - Available at City Hall

Signs may be purchased for use at residences from the Finance Department at City Hall for a cost of $5.