Expenditure Policies

Identify priority services, establish appropriate service levels, and administer the expenditure of available resources to assure fiscal stability and the effective and efficient delivery of services.

1. The City shall operate on a current funding basis. Expenditures shall be budgeted and controlled so as not to exceed current revenues plus the planned use of fund balance accumulated through prior years.

2. The City shall take immediate corrective actions if at any time during the fiscal year expenditure and revenue re-estimates are such that an operating deficit is projected at year-end. Corrective actions can include a hiring freeze, expenditure reductions, fee increases, or use of contingencies. Expenditure deferrals into the following fiscal year, short-term loans, or use of one-time revenue sources shall be avoided.

3. The City Manager shall undertake periodic staff and third-party reviews of City programs for both efficiency and effectiveness. Privatization and contracting with other governmental agencies will be evaluated as alternatives to service delivery. Programs that are determined to be inefficient and/or ineffective shall be reduced in scope or eliminated.

4. The City shall make every effort to maximize any discounts offered by creditors/vendors. Staff shall also use competitive bidding to attain the best possible price on goods and services.