General Policies

1. The City organization will carry out the City Council's goals, objectives, and policies through a service delivery system financed through the Operating and Capital Budgets.

2. The relationship between the Operating and Capital Budgets will be explicitly recognized and incorporated into the budget process. Funding for these budgets shall be sufficient to provide municipal operating services and maintenance or enhancement of fixed assets needed to support public demand for City services.

3. The City will take positive steps to improve the productivity of its programs and employees, and will seek ways to eliminate duplicative functions within the city government and between the City of Lake Oswego and other public agencies in the community. Specifically, intensive reviews of the efficiency and effectiveness of certain City services will be periodically undertaken. A reporting mechanism highlighting the service efforts and accomplishments of the City's major services will also be developed.

4. Whenever feasible, government activities will be considered enterprises if so doing will increase efficiency of service delivery or recover the cost of providing the service from the benefiting entity by user fees.

5. Adequate reserves will be maintained for all known liabilities, including employee leave balances.

6. Efforts will be coordinated with other governmental agencies to achieve common policy objectives, share the cost of providing governmental services on an equitable basis, and support favorable legislation at the state and federal level.

7. We will seek out, apply for, and effectively administer federal, state, and foundation grants-in-aid that address the City's current priorities and policy objectives.

8. Initiate, encourage and participate in economic development efforts to create job opportunities and strengthen the local economy.

9. Ensure that the Public Employees' Retirement Fund (PERS) is adequately funded and operated for the exclusive benefit of the participants and their beneficiaries.