Getting a Business License

Welcome to Lake Oswego and thank you for choosing Lake Oswego for your business!  One of the requirements of operating a business within the city limits is to acquire a Lake Oswego Business License, prior to the operation of the business.

City of Lake Oswego Ordinance 20.02.025 requires that anyone conducting business within the City of Lake Oswego must obtain a business license unless specifically exempted by state law (Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents).  This requirement includes working out of your home and those doing door to door solicitation in Lake Oswego.  See Business License Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

Short-Term Rentals

The Short-Term Rental Business License application is attached to this webpage.

To Apply for a Regular Business License

The business license application for a new business should be received thirty (30) days before the business opens.  If compliance with these time frames is not met, the business may be assessed a late fee.

You may apply for a Business License by one of the following options:

1)  Create an account and apply online by visiting the Licensing Portal

2)  Download the attached Business License Application to fill in and print. Then mail the completed application to the address on the application or hand deliver it to the Finance Department with a check payable to "The City of Lake Oswego";  or

3)  Pick up an application at the Finance Department on the first floor of City Hall 380 A Avenue;  or

4)  Call Finance at 503-635-0279 to request that an application be mailed.

New business licenses are in effect for the full twelve months after the month of initial issuance, then they are renewed annually thereafter. 

The Cost of a Business License

Certain businesses demonstrating less than $1,000 gross revenue on a calendar year basis are exempt from the following annual business license fees. 

Fees for the Initial Business License Application (non-refundable)

(including owners)
1 - 3      $80
4-10   $110
11+   $150


Business License Renewals

Business Licenses must be renewed by the indicated expiration date on the license. A renewal form indicating the renewal fee will be mailed to current business license holders.  Renewals can be paid for by mail, in person at City Hall, or online.

Renewal Fees for Business Licenses (Received on or before the expiration date)

(including owners)
1 - 3 $64
4 - 10 $84
11+ $110  

Renewal Fees for Business Licenses  (Received after the expiration date)

(including owners)
1 - 3   $80
4 - 10 $110
11+ $150


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