Pay Here Online or View Billing History

The City currently offers Utility Billing (to pay and/or view billing history online), Renewal of Business Licenses and payment of Municipal Court Citations online.  You can make payments without an account or create an online account for payments and viewing your billing and consumption history using our Online Payments service.


Pay Your Utility Bill Online and/or View Statements

Utility Online is a program where you can review your utility account, pay bills, see past bill amounts and payments, water consumption history over two years, and make MasterCard or VISA credit card payments online from the convenience and security of your home computer.  If you do not want to pay your bill online, you can still sign up for Utility Online as a way to access historical billing information.

To create a new account for Utility Online

Create Your Utility Member Profile with Utility Online: You will need your utility account number (including dashes) and your last payment amount.  Note - You only need your last payment amount to create an account.  You will not need it to login in the future.

Access Past Utility Bill Statements

Through the City's Utility Online program, you can sign up and view your past utility bills as well as see payments that you have made. The program also allows rate payers to pay their bill online, however you do not have to sign up for online bill pay in order to access statement and payment information.

Business License Renewals

Through the Online Business License Renewals Program, you can review your prior business licenses and make credit card payments online. (New Business Licenses need to be paid by check or money order.)

To create a new account for Business License Renewals

Create your Business License Member Profile.  You will receive a confirmation email the your account is set up, then you can make a payment with your MasterCard or VISA credit card.

Municipal Court Citations Online Payment

Through Municipal Court online billing, you can:

  1. Enter a no contest plea and pay the full fine.  Note - If you would like to see if you are eligible for a class or a discount you need to contact the court staff directly.
  2. If you are on a payment plan, you can make your monthly payments.

Accounts that have been sent to collections or are in suspension status, cannot not be paid online.  You must call the court staff directly for further instructions. They can be reached at 503-635-0217.

To create and access a Municipal Court online account:

Have your:

  1. Citation Number and DOB
    • Example for citation numbers:
      Put the year you got the citation (Example 12), plus one of the following:
      M = Misdemeanor, C = Criminal Violation (MIP/Marijuana) and City Code Violations, T = Traffic, P = Parking, and then the citation number located in the upper right hand corner of your citation.
  2. Driver’s License Number
  3. Vehicle Information (used mostly for parking tickets).

For questions on citations, please contact Municipal Court at 503-635-0217.


Forgot your password?
If you already have an online account and forgot your password, you can retrieve your password through Password Recovery. Enter your email address, click on Password Recovery and an email will be sent to you with a temporary password. Copy and paste the temporary password online to enter your the account balance screen.

Change your password
To change your password, click on Membership Profile, then edit membership information, copy and paste the temporary password for the current password and re-create a new password to remember.

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