What Services Do I Get When Paying my Utility Bill?

Utility Bill payments pay for your consumption and use of the water system, sewer, stormwater (carrying water away from streets, parking lots and yards in way that does not pollute our water), and use of streets. The money collected is also used to pay for operations, maintenance and capital improvement costs for the City's utility systems.

Through the bills customers pay, the City is able to provide clean, safe drinking water, safe streets for travel, and remove used water (sewer) from your home.  In order to do this in a legally sound, cost effective and efficient way, which practices good stewardship of our financial and natural resources and environment, the City engages in different engineering, public works, financial management, and education programs.

Thank you for being a member of the Lake Oswego community and a ratepayer as well as for your value in quality and efficient services.

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