Fire Department Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a fire engine come when you call for an ambulance?
Because firefighters arrive first, and can begin medical treatment before the ambulance arrives. Time is a critical factor in the final outcome of a medical emergency. For example, if someone has experienced a heart attack, injury or illness that makes them stop breathing, the patient has a better chance of full recovery if they receive oxygen within four minutes or less.

Is Outdoor Burning Allowed in Lake Oswego?
No, all outdoor burning is illegal throughout the Portland Metropolitan area and is mandated by DEQ, not the Fire Department.

Recreational Backyard Burning Permits are allowed and can be obtained by contacting the Fire Marshal’s office at 503-635-0275. There is no charge for the permit, but there are rules and regulations that you must comply with during a recreational burn.

Can you tell me whom to call to have my chimney inspected?
Look in the yellow pages under Chimney Sweep.

Where can I get my child safety seat inspected?
Lake Oswego Fire Department hosts a quarterly Child Safety Seat Clinic at the Main Fire Station located at 300 B Avenue. Check our ”News and Event’s” site for upcoming dates. For general questions and car seat appointments in Clackamas County contact Oregon Impact Car Seat Safety Program at 503-899-2220 or email

Does the Fire Department help get cats down from trees?
No. Cats eventually climb down on their own when they are hungry or thirsty.

Where can I get information on Smoke Detectors?
Call the Fire Marshal’s Office at 503-635-0275 and ask to speak to a Fire Prevention Officer.