Fire Department Permits

Fire Department Permits

The fire department requires permits on certain activities or events. Some of these permits are:

  • Tent or Membrane Structure 400 square feet or more
  • Canopy (without walls) 700 square feet or more
  • Pyrotechnic Special Effects Material
  • Public Fireworks Display
  • Retail Sales of Fireworks
  • Haunted House
  • Above Ground Fuel Tank
  • Special Event
  • Bon Fire

There is one application form for all permits, but we have more detailed requirements for the different types of permits. Please look at the requirements for your particular permit you want to apply for in the attachments section.

All permits have a fee of $200.00 that includes a one-hour scheduled inspection. Please complete our Permit Application Form and provide supporting documents listed within the documents in the attachments section to our main fire station located at 300 B Ave or email to

If you would like to pay for your permit online, please use this link:

Please contact the fire marshal’s office if you have any questions at 503-699-7454.

Tent and Canopy Additional Information

 This document has information on requirements for different types of activities related to any tents or canopies erected. Please also refer to the guide on heating requirements.

Bon Fires

Bon Fires are considered anything larger than a Recreational Fire which is wood piled higher than 2' and or broader than 3'. Bon Fires require a permit have special requirements listed in the attachments section.

Recreational Burn

The fire department recommends the use of an approved manufactured fireplace or fire pit. Requirements for these types of fireplaces would include safety information listed in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Recreational Burn Safety Recommendations

Locate the fire a minimum of 25 feet from any structure.  Additionally, prior to ignition, eliminate conditions that could cause fire to spread to a minimum of 25 feet from any combustible materials.

The maximum dimensions of the woodpile shall be less than 2 ft in height and less than 3 ft in diameter. Larger fires are considered “Bon Fires” which have different rules and requires a permit

The fire should be attended at all times by an adult until completely extinguished.

Its recommended to have a screen covering the fire pit to prevent embers from flying up in the air.

It is NOT authorized to burn domestic rubbish, refuse or combustible waste such as paper, cartons, rags, lumber, oils, plastics, foliage, stubble, composition roofing or siding, rubber, or other objectionable materials.