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Fire Safety for Deaf or Hard of Hearing

City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website

Many Americans have a disability that may interfere with their ability to escape from a house fire. The identity of the group of Americans with disabilities is constantly changing — at any moment we ourselves could become part of this group, for maybe a short time or maybe for a long time.

The Office of State Fire Marshal encourages the deaf and hard of hearing population to practice the following safety tips:
Fire Safety for Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Below are examples of strobe (flashing) and shaker (tactile) smoke alarms

Strobe Smoke Alarm

A portable, audible, and visual smoke alarm perfect for small apartments, dorm rooms, etc. These stand-alone units plug into a wall outlet. FEATURES: High intensity strobe light (177 Candela) Audible (90dB) and visual signal Infrared LED smoke detector The smoke alarm has battery backup to maintain the audible alarm.

Smoke Alarm System w/Bed Shaker

The shaker (tactile) smoke alarm system features a built in transmitter that will transmit up to a 100 ft radius to the receiver with bed shaker. Smoke alarm (85dB) is battery-powered. The receiver plugs into electrical outlet, smoke alarm runs on 3V lithium battery, and the powerful bed shaker simply tucks under mattress for alerting.