Fireworks Safety

Fireworks during the Fourth of July are as American as apple-pie, but did you know that two out of five fires reported on that day are started by fireworks, more than for any other cause? Every year fireworks serve as the ignition source of hundreds of fires in Oregon. Fires on roofs, in shrubs and bark dust and on decks are common and can cause damage to your home and injury to your family. The good news is you can enjoy your holiday and the fireworks, with just a few simple safety tips.

Protect Your Family from Fireworks-Related Fires and Injuries

From June 23 and through July 6, State-legal fireworks can be purchased from licensed retailers in Lake Oswego. You can also enjoy watching the large professional fireworks displays around the area.

Stay Safe
• Use only legal fireworks (read more about the City's Fireworks Ordinance)
• Use fireworks only in legal places  (fireworks are prohibited on beaches, City and State parks and federal forest land)
• Store fireworks out of children’s reach
• Keep pets indoors
• Always have a garden hose or a bucket of water on hand
• Never re-light a “dud” firework; wait 10-15 minutes, then soak in a bucket of water
• Discard firework debris in a non-combustible container

Fireworks Alternatives
Talk to your friends and neighbors about celebrating Independence Day without the risk of fireworks. Have a picnic or play volleyball, then go to a public fireworks show together.

The Lake Oswego Fire Department encourages you and your family to have a fun and enjoyable Independence Day celebration by ensuring safe practices and legal use of consumer fireworks.