We are part of the Geocaching community and have hidden one (so far) geocache at our main fire station.
Visit to find out what it is all about. Below is the information with coordinates to find the geocache or go to geocode GC3ABHN to get more information.



It Sounds Alarm

This cache is located at one of the four Lake Oswego fire stations. This is the main administration station and was built in 1995. During the weekday hours stop by and see the 1923 fire engine, or even get a tour of the station.

Directions to new coordinates:
Use the bell and read the sign for the answers.
AA = Take the numbered street where the bell was located and moved to, and add it to the last two digits of the year the first City Hall was built.
BB = Take the number on the Bell minus the number of wheels on the hose cart.

Final cache location = 45 25.251 – AA and 122 39.988 + BB