PP 19-0008: House Bills 2001 and 2003

In 2019, the Oregon Legislature passed and Governor Kate Brown signed into law two bills aimed at increasing housing choices in Oregon. House Bill 2001 requires cities to allow “middle housing”, defined as duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, townhomes, and cottage clusters (developments with multiple small detached homes), in areas zoned for single family homes. While the bill requires that duplexes be allowed on every lot where single-family housing is allowed, the other types of middle housing (triplexes, fourplexes, townhomes, and cottage clusters) need only be allowed in “areas” that are zoned for single-family use (not every lot).

The State Department of Land Conservation and Development is currently developing rules that will define what these terms mean and what cities must do to meet the bill’s requirements. The rules are due to be adopted by the Land Conservation and Development Commission by the end of the year. Cities in the Portland metro area have until June 30, 2022 to amend their land use regulations to comply with House Bill 2001. While the bill offers opportunities for the community to realize the environmental and social benefits of expanded housing choices, it also presents some challenges in maintaining the distinctive character of our neighborhoods and not overtaxing city infrastructure.

House Bill 2003 requires cities to study future housing needs and develop strategies to make sure that housing is produced. The bill requires cities to create and update housing needs assessment reports. Lake Oswego is required to update its housing needs assessment by 2023.

There are still many questions about what these bills require. As more is known, the city will engage the community in a conversation about how best to move forward. For more information on the State’s rulemaking process, please visit the State of Oregon’s rulemaking webpage. For information about the City’s work on addressing House Bills 2001 and 2003, please contact Erik Olson, Senior Planner, at 503-697-6524.

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Project Updates: 


Neighborhood Character Survey

City staff is undergoing a multiyear project to align Lake Oswego housing needs and neighborhood context with state law requirements. We need your help! Please complete the City of Lake Oswego Neighborhood Character Survey by February 7, 2021, click here.

The purpose of this survey is to help understand what our community values most about the visual and physical character of their neighborhoods. The results of the survey will help the City develop options for how to manage new residential development.

Questions? Please contact Erik Olson, Senior Planner, at eolson@lakeoswego.city or 503-697-6524.


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Update 12/30/20

The City has initiated work to comply with the minimum requirements of House Bill 2001, which will consist of two phases.

For the first phase of the project, the City has secured grant funding from the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) to gather information and conduct technical analyses in order to develop a set of conceptual alternatives for the City to consider in its work to comply with the bill. This first phase of the project will take place from January - May 2021, and will include opportunities for residents to provide input about which aspects of their neighborhood they feel are most significant to its character. This first phase will also include a presentation from DLCD to the Lake Oswego Planning Commission at their meeting on January 11th, which will provide a general summary of the minimum requirements for HB 2001 that were recently adopted by the state. See the diagram below for an overview of the timeline for phase 1:

The second phase of the project will begin in May 2021, and will involve a more public discussion – including numerous outreach and engagement opportunities – about how the City should proceed with code and Comprehensive Plan amendments to comply with the bill. This second phase is anticipated to be finalized prior to June 2022, which is the final deadline for cities to attain compliance with the bill.​

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Joint Meeting with City Council 12/17/19

The Planning Commission met with the City Council to receive direction on meeting requirements and deadlines associated with House Bill 2001 (HB 2001), Comprehensive Plan and code changes necessary to attain compliance, and whether to modify the City Council’s affordable housing goals in light of these requirements.

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Update 07/22/19

The Planning Commission received an update on affordable housing and House Bills 2001 and 2003.  

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PP 19-0008
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Erik Olson, Senior Planner, (503) 697-6524 or email.

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Monday, January 11, 2021 - 6:30pm
HB 2001 and HB 2003

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