Job Descriptions

Listed below in alphabetical order are the City's job classifications. Viewing the files requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.  To view the complete classification, click on the classification title.  For salary information, please click on Compensation.

Important Note:   The job classifications below are descriptions only and applications and/or resumes are not being accepted.  We welcome you to apply for our current vacancies, and these may be viewed on the Current Openings  page.

Accountant - AFSCME/LOMEA

Accounting Specialist I - AFSCME/LOMEA

Accounting Specialist II - AFSCME/LOMEA

Accounting Specialist III - AFSCME/LOMEA

ADA Coordinator - AFSCME/LOMEA

Administrative Assistant - AFSCME/LOMEA or CONF

Administrative Support I II III - AFSCME/LOMEA

Adult Community Center Manager - MGMT

Adult Community Center Program Supervisor - MGMT

Assistant City Manager - MGMT

Assistant Code Enforcement Specialist (Temporary)

Assistant Director Parks and Recreation - MGMT

Assistant City Engineer/Engineering Services Manager - MGMT

Assistant Finance Director - MGMT

Assistant Fire Chief - MGMT

Assistant Planner - AFSCME/LOMEA

Assistant Public Works Director / Maintenance Field Supervisor - MGMT

Assistant to the City Manager - MGMT

Assistant Utility Worker - AFSCME/LOMEA

Assistant Utility Worker (ACC Transportation Coordinator) - AFSCME/LOMEA

Assistant Water Plant Manager - MGMT

Associate Engineer - AFSCME/LOMEA

Associate Planner - AFSCME/LOMEA

Behavioral Health Specialist - LOPOA

Building Maintenance Worker - AFSCME/LOMEA

Building Official - MGMT

Business License Records Specialist - AFSCME/LOMEA

Chief Surveyor - AFSCME/LOMEA

Chief Technology Officer - MGMT

Citizen Information Coordinator - AFSCME/LOMEA

Citizen Information Specialist - AFSCME/LOMEA

City Attorney - MGMT

City Engineer - MGMT

City Recorder - MGMT

Client Services Coordinator - AFSCME/LOMEA

Code Enforcement Specialist - AFSCME/LOMEA

Communication and Sponsorship Coordinator - AFSCME/LOMEA

Communications Manager - MGMT

Communications Operations Supervisor - MGMT

Communications Operator - LOPOA

Communications Operator Trainee - LOPOA

Community Development Director - MGMT

Community Service Officer - LOPOA

Construction Inspector - AFSCME/LOMEA

Cook Assistant I and II - Non-represented

Crew Leader - AFSCME/LOMEA

Deputy City Attorney II - MGMT

Deputy Community Development Director - MGMT

Deputy Fire Marshal - IAFF

Deputy Public Works Director / Operations Manager - MGMT

Development Project Manager - AFSCME/LOMEA

Digital and Graphic Media Specialist - AFSCME/LOMEA

Director of Economic and Capital Development - MGMT

Director of Planning and Building Services - MGMT

Director of Parks and Recreation - MGMT

Economic Development Program Manager - MGMT

Electrician - AFSCME/LOMEA

Emergency Medical Services Coordinator - IAFF

Engineering Development Coordinator - AFSCME/LOMEA

Engineering Program Lead - AFSCME/LOMEA

Engineering Program Supervisor - MGMT

Engineering Technician I - AFSCME/LOMEA

Engineering Technician II - AFSCME/LOMEA

Engineering Technician III - AFSCME/LOMEA

Equity Program Manager - AFSCME/LOMEA

Evidence Technician - LOPOA

Facilities Maintenance Lead - AFSCME/LOMEA

Facilities Manager - MGMT

Finance Director - MGMT

Fire Battalion Chief - MGMT

Fire Chief - MGMT

Fire Driver Engineer - IAFF

Fire Lieutenant - IAFF

Fire Marshal - MGMT

Firefighter - IAFF

GIS Services Supervisor - MGMT

Golf Course Manager - MGMT

Head cook - AFSCME/LOMEA

Human Resources Analyst - CONF

Human Resources Director - MGMT

Human Resources Specialist - CONF

Inspector I - AFSCME/LOMEA


Inspector III Building - AFSCME/LOMEA

Inspector III Electrical - AFSCME/LOMEA

Inspector III Plumbing - AFSCME/LOMEA

Instrumentation Technician I - AFSCME/LOMEA

Instrumentation Technician II - AFSCME/LOMEA

Inventory Control Specialist - AFSCME/LOMEA

Kincaid Intern

Lead Electrician - AFSCME/LOMEA

Lead Library Assistant - AFSCME/LOMEA

Lead Mechanic - AFSCME/LOMEA

Lead Superintendent - MGMT

Legal Assistant - MGMT

Librarian I - AFSCME/LOMEA


Library Assistant I, II, PIC - AFSCME/LOMEA

Library Director - MGMT

Library Manager - MGMT

LORAC Facility Superintendent - MGMT

Maintenance Technician - AFSCME/LOMEA

Maintenance Technician (LORAC) - AFSCME/LOMEA

Management Analyst - CONF

Management and Program Analyst - AFSCME/LOMEA


Microcomputer Analyst - AFSCME/LOMEA

Motor Pool Superintendent - MGMT

Municipal Court Manager - MGMT

Municipal Judge 

Natural Resources & Stewardship Coordinator - AFSCME/LOMEA

Network Administrator - CONF

Network Engineer - AFSCME/LOMEA

Office Manager - MGMT

Park Analyst/Project Manager - AFSCME/LOMEA

Park Ranger - AFSCME/LOMEA

Parks Manager - MGMT

Parks Superintendent - MGMT

Payroll Administrator - CONF

Payroll Specialist - CONF

Permit Coordinator I - AFSCME/LOMEA

Permit Technician II - AFSCME/LOMEA

Planning Manager - MGMT

Plans Examiner I and II - AFSCME/LOMEA

Police Captain - MGMT

Police Chief - MGMT

Police Lieutenant - MGMT

Police Officer - LOPOA

Police Records Lead - AFSCME/LOMEA

Police Sergeant - MGMT

Principal Engineer - MGMT

Program Manager - MGMT

Project Director LOTWP - MGMT

Project Specialist - AFSCME/LOMEA

Public Affairs Manager - MGMT

Public Works Director / City Engineer - MGMT

Recreation Specialist I - AFSCME/LOMEA

Recreation Specialist II - AFSCME/LOMEA

Recreation Superintendent - MGMT

Recreation Supervisor I - MGMT

Recreation Supervisor II - MGMT

Redevelopment Director - MGMT

Senior Associate Engineer - AFSCME/LOMEA

Senior Code Enforcement Specialist - AFSCME/LOMEA

Senior Communications Operator - LOPOA

Senior Crew Leader - AFSCME/LOMEA

Senior Development Specialist - AFSCME/LOMEA

Senior Permit Technician - AFSCME/LOMEA

Senior Planner - AFSCME/LOMEA

Senior Utility Worker - AFSCME/LOMEA

Shift Lead Communications Operator - LOPOA

Sports Program Manager - MGMT

Support Services Specialist - AFSCME/LOMEA

Support Services Supervisor - MGMT

Sustainability Analyst - AFSCME/LOMEA

Sustainability Coordinator - AFSCME/LOMEA

Technical Support Analyst - AFSCME/LOMEA

Technical Support Coordinator - AFSCME/LOMEA

Technical Support Specialist - AFSME/LOMEA

Technical Support Technician - AFSCME/LOMEA

Utility Superintendent - MGMT

Utility Worker - AFSCME/LOMEA

Volunteer Coordinator - AFSCME/LOMEA

Water Conservation Specialist - AFSCME/LOMEA

Water Plant Operator I II III - AFSCME/LOMEA

Water Plant Operator IV - AFSCME/LOMEA

Water Treatment Plant Manager - MGMT

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