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Wednesday, November 4, 2020 - 9:00am to 9:00pm

We'll post a new episode every week. This week's story: Edmonia Wildfire Lewis read by Dana King

On this episode, we meet Edmonia Wildfire Lewis, a talented American sculptor who emigrated to Europe to push her art to the next level! As a Black female sculptor in the 19th century, she blazed a trail through the world of art and created works of enormous magnitude. Though some of her work has been lost to history, her contributions to art and sculpture will never be forgotten!

About the Narrator
Dana King is a classical figurative sculptor who believes in the power of commemorative art. She loves the art form of sculpture because it allows people to shape stories, share memories, and determine how they are remembered. Her sculptures aim to link generations by revealing common threads: shared values, experiences, and aspirations because, she believes, they help those alive today compare and contrast their world with that of social pioneers, both enslaved and free, whose sacrifices, courage, and commitment to excellence helped create a modern society. She hopes you see yourself and those you love in her work!

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