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Cuento 3: “Dragones y Tacos,” Interpretado con el Violín

Los dragones aman los tacos – pero donde hay tacos, hay salsa. Y si un dragón se mete accidentalmente en la salsa picante …..¡Agárrate, que, estaremos en problemas ardientes! Escrito por Adam Rubin e ilustrado por Daniel Salmieri. Narrado por Sergio Carreno y presentación musical por Inés Voglar Belgique con su violín.
Story 3: “Dragons and Tacos,” Performed with the Violin

Dragons love tacos - but where there are tacos, there is salsa. And if a dragon accidentally gets into the hot sauce… .. Hold on, what, we'll be in hot trouble! Written by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri. Narrated by Sergio Carreno and musical presentation by Inés Voglar Belgique with her violin.

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Oregon Symphony presents Symphony Storytime, an entertaining and educational online storybook series for kids featuring musicians playing alongside readings. We feature a different Symphony Story on our library page every Saturday.

13-episode educational digital series and musical adventure in which an Oregon Symphony musician accompanies the reading of an illustrated children’s book and shares fun details about the featured instrument, with both English and Spanish language books.

Artistically produced on a custom-designed set, Symphony Storytime is curated especially for pre-k to early elementary audiences and introduces children to classical music as they hear how instruments can bring children’s stories to life in an imaginative way. The program features highly repeatable, quality content that’s entertaining and educational, giving sound to these published stories and the book characters’ own musical journeys. The 15-minute episodes of Symphony Storytime are also available on Oregon Symphony’s website and YouTube channel.

Symphony Storytime was inspired by parents’ desire for meaningful digital content for their young children, as families are now encouraged to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We hope that Symphony Storytime helps spark an interest at a young age in classical music. The series is a unique, engaging, and approachable first introduction,” says Norman Huynh, Oregon Symphony Associate Conductor and creator behind Storytime’s digital series.

The chosen books tell stories about a character with a love of music or who plays an instrument — all with a strong message of learning and discovery. Kids follow along with the narrator-read book as it’s featured on screen and music plays in the background. Each episode includes an introduction to the instrument, musical accompaniment to the reading of illustrated books, and shares fun facts about the featured instrument. “Part of the fun of Storytime is seeing Oregon Symphony musicians in this environment, feeling the joy of playing their instrument, off the formal stage and in this youthful context,” says Huynh. “They’re emoting the same delight we hope kids feel as they’re watching, and you get a sense for how these professional musicians grew from just that pure love of music.”

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