About the Project

The City recently hired a consultant team to develop designs for the Lakeview Boulevard Improvement Project. This project will evaluate stormwater issues, pavement conditions, pedestrian access, and safety along Lakeview Boulevard, between South Shore Boulevard and Iron Mountain Boulevard.

The purpose of the project is to:

  • reduce localized stormwater ponding,
  • ​improve the driving surface and
  • ​provide a safer pedestrian passage.

Additionally, treating stormwater runoff helps to meet compliance requirements of the City’s stormwater permit (issued by the Department of Environmental Quality) and improves the quality of the runoff that is directed into Oswego Lake.


Lakeview Boulevard needs stormwater management improvements due to ponding water during rainfall events. The roadway corridor was built before modern stormwater systems and regulations were standard. Runoff is currently mostly managed by shoulder infiltration and a few stormwater drains that direct water into the lake.

The project also includes roadway rehabilitation and pedestrian improvements to provide better access for all transport modes. 

Lakeview Boulevard is very narrow. We will need to balance stormwater management needs, travel safety and pedestrian accessibility, neighbor desires for parking, compatible landscaping, mature tree preservation, and more.

Project Goals 

  • Reducing stormwater ponding and standing water on the roadway
  • Improving access for people walking, rolling or riding
  • Updating the pathway to be Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant
  • Keeping the lake cleaner by filtering the road's stormwater runoff
  • Providing a newly paved surface


At this time, any street and stormwater features have yet to be determined and will be designed over the next year. 

The project team and City staff will reach out to neighbors to discuss issues, work through concerns, and gather information that will help shape the design.

The project team will host public open houses to ask for community input as the design progresses over the coming year. We plan to share draft concepts and designs with you at events this spring and fall.

As the project progresses, design materials and maps will be posted on the website, along with periodic updates and opportunities for public input

  • Design - 2023 - 2024
  • Construction - 2025