Why does the current drainage system need improvements?

The road has an insufficient drainage system and therefore frequent ponding currently occurs along the corridor. Some runoff gets absorbed by soil along the roadway shoulders. A few stormwater pipes drain directly into the lake without providing treatment. We will design an improved stormwater system that will decrease ponding and treat the roadway runoff.

Lakeview Boulevard is pretty narrow. Will you need to purchase property to make room for what you’ll build?

Our goal is to stay within the current right-of-way to the extent possible. However, private property lines may overlap with the existing roadway to be improved. Survey crews are finding and marking the true width of the right-of-way, which may have been covered or overgrown in some spots over the years.

Will you need to remove trees?

Possibly. Our goal is to remove as few as we can — and we’ll consider factors such as age and health.

Will these changes reduce the number of parking spaces?

The intention is to minimize impacts to existing parking along the corridor to the degree possible, but confirmation will occur through the design process. We know parking can be especially challenging near the Lake Grove Swim Park during the summer, and will look into better ways to manage that area.

At the end of the project when you repave the road, will the speed bumps be reinstalled in the same locations?

We will work with our City Traffic Engineer to determine if speed bumps are appropriate to reinstall and where they should be installed based on the design.