About Us

In tandem with its mission, the Lake Oswego Public Library provides a forum where staff, volunteers, citizens, city employees and other partners work together to create, educate, share, engage, and preserve.

The library succeeds in these activities by:

Publishing: In Their Own Words, book and audio oral histories, Diary Of a Young Boy - the Will Pomeroy Diary, Mink River audiobook, and many electronically converted scrapbooks, original documents, and historic photographs. 

Sponsoring/Producing: Lake Oswego Reads, Music, Author, and Performing Arts series, Summer Reading programs, Early Literacy Storytimes, Multicultural Children's Book Day, and more.

Educating: Computer, Internet and technology classes and seminars, in-house programs on job searching, resume writing, college application process.

Providing a Community and Resource Center: Provide high quality, high demand materials, resources and face-to-face reference help from Reference Librarians, as well as online Reference.

Conserving: Local historic materials are collected, cataloged, preserved and made available to the public through the Local History Collection.

Providing a Gathering Place: The library provides a physical location for community gathering in a society that is becoming more and more geared toward social media for human connection. This gathering place fosters a sense of community identity based on shared interests in entertainment, education and creativity.

Mission Statement

The Lake Oswego Public Library is dedicated to providing current, high demand materials, both fiction and non-fiction, in a variety of formats and media for persons of all ages, to meet the informational, cultural and recreational needs of the community. The library places an emphasis on providing reference and readers’ advisory services and on creating an environment which inspires reading and learning in children and young adults. The library also strives to provide a collection of and access to local history resources and to expand its resources beyond those available locally through regional cooperation with other libraries.  Adopted September 16, 2008.

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Relief from extreme weather conditions: The library is one of many community centers that serve as an extreme weather warming/cooling center for individuals and families who need shelter from severe weather. For more information about relief center locations, visit the Clackamas County Services site. 

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