Book Release: Revised edition of The Diary of Will Pomeroy

Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

The library is proud to present the release of a revised and expanded edition of The Diary of Will Pomeroy. Join us on Thursday, December 6 at 7pm for a presentation by editor Susanna Kuo and the opportunity to purchase a copy of this beautiful new hardbound volume featuring 53 illustrations and a foldout map. Four appendices provide information about early Lake Grove families, childhood in 1883 Oregon, and vivid descriptions of the mines when they were being worked. 

Will Pomeroy was 14 and the oldest son of the superintendent of the Oswego Mines when he started keeping a diary on January 1, 1883.  His simple and unaffected entries offer a rare glimpse of everyday life in early Lake Grove when Oswego was the center of iron making on the Pacific Coast.  The Pomeroy family lived above the mines, on top of Iron Mountain.  The diary chronicles Will’s daily treks up and down the mountain, his chores, his schoolwork, and community life at the west end of Sucker Lake.

The Lake Oswego Public Library acquired the diary in 2008 from an East Coast bookseller and published a limited number of copies in 2009.  Because of continued requests for the book, the library decided to publish a second edition, which has been revised and expanded to include new information. 

Co-editors, Claire Kellogg and Susanna Campbell Kuo provide an introduction and epilogue that trace the long journey of the Pomeroy family from the legendary mines of Cornwall in southwestern England to Pennsylvania, Oregon, and eventually Western Australia where Will Pomeroy managed the Great Fingall Mine for his friend and fellow mining engineer Herbert Hoover.

The book can be purchased at the Library for $28 after Nov. 15. Publication of the diary was made possible by support from the Friends of the Lake Oswego Public Library.