Easy Chapter Book Series

Author Book Title
Adler, David The Jelly Bean Experiment
Brezenoff, Steven The Zoo with the Empty Cage
Broach, Elise The Miniature World of Marvin
   & James
Butler, Dori Buddy Files
Bulla, Clyde Robert The Chalk Box Kid
Burnell, Cerrie Harper and the Scarlet
Butler, Dori King and Kayla
DiCamillo, Kate Leroy Ninker Saddles Up
Doyle, Bill Attack of the Shark Headed
Falcone, L.M. The Magic Box
Funke, Cornelia The Pirate Pig
Gay, Marie-Louise Princess Pistachio
Hanlon, Abby Dory Fantasmagory
Hughes, Shirley Digby O'Day in the Fast Lane
Hughes, Ted The Iron Giant
Hurwitz, Joanna The Two and Only Kelly
James, Laura Captain Pug: The Dog Who
   Sailed the Seas
Kelly, Jacqueline Counting Sheep
Kelly, Jacqueliine Skunked!
Lacey, Josh The Dragonsitter
Lagercrantz, Rose MyHeart is Laughing
Landry, Leo What's Up Chuck
Lord, Cynthia Jelly Bean
Mass, Wendy Archie Takes Flight
McKinlay, Meg Duck for a Day
Meisel, Peter Stinky Spike and the Royal
Nelson, Jessie Labracadabra
Pinkwater, Daniel Mrs. Noodlekugel
Quintero, Isabel Ugly Cat and Pablo
Rennert, Laura Joy Dragon Dreams
Reynolds, Paul Go Green
Rue, Ginger Aleca Zamm Is a Wonder
Schlitz, Laura Amy Princess Cora and the
Schoenberg, Jane The One and Only Stuey
Sheth, Kashmira The No-Dogs-Allowed Rule
Szpirglas, Jack Wild Cards
Vande Velde, Vivial 8 Class Pets + 1 Squirrell/
  1 Dog Equals Chaos
Voake, Steve Hooey Higgins and the Shark
Abbott, Tony Goofballs
The Secrets of Droon
Adderson, Caroline Jasper John Dooley
Alexander, Heather Wallace and Grace
Amato, Mary The Riot Brothers
American Girls Wellie Wishers
Angleberger, Tom Inspector Flytrap
Applegate, Katherine Roscoe Riley Rules
Ball, Nate Alien in my Pocket
Barden, Stephenia Cinderella Smith
Barkley, Callie The Critter Club
Barnholdt, Lauren Hailey Twitch
Bergen, Lara Sophie
Birney, Betty Humphrey Adventures
Branford, Anna Violet Mackerel
Brown, Monica Lola Levine
Butler, Dori Buddy Files
Chabert, Jack Eerie Elementary
Charles, Veronika Easy to Read Spooky Tales
Coven, Wanda Heide Heckelbeck
Cronin, Doreen Chicken Squad
Cummings, Troy Notebooks of Doom
DiCamillo, Kate Mercy Watson
Dillard, Sarah Mouse Scouts
Dowell, Frances O'Roark Sam the Man
Elliot, Rebecca Owl Diaries
Green, Poppy The Adventures of Sophie
Greene, Stephanie Princess Posey
Griffen, Adele Agnes and Clarabelle
Griffen, Adele Oodlethunks
Harrison, Paula Rescue Princesses
Haas, Jesse Bramble Books
Hale, Shannon The Princess in Black
Heppermann, Christine Backyard Witch
Kirby, Lee Super Turbo
Kirby, Stan Captain Awesome
Kit, Katy Mermaid Mysteries
Krulik, Nancy Project Droid
Lewis, Josh Super Chicken Nugget Boy
McKay, Hilary Lulu
McKenna, Colleen Third Grade
Messner, Kate Ranger in Time
Meyerhoff, Jenny The Friendship Garden
Miles, Ellen Kitty Corner
Puppy Palace
Mills, Claudia Franklin School Friends
Nolan, Lucy Down Girl and Sit
Odgers, Darrel Jack Russell, Dog Detective
Orr,Wendy Rainbow Street Shelter
O'Ryan, Ray Galaxy Zack
Ostow, Micol Louise Trapeze
Pakkala, Christine Last-But-Not Least Lola
Paris, Harper Greetings from Somewhere
Quinn, Jordan Kingdom of Wrenley
Rissi, Anica Mrose Anna Banana Books
Sheimel, Courtney Stella Batts
Thorpe, Kiki The Never Girls
Torrey, Michele Doyle & Fossey, Science
Wallace, Rich Kickers
West, Tracey Dragon Masters
Whybrow, Ian Little Wolf
Wight, Eric Frankie Pickle