Exploring DEI @ LOPL

Lake Oswego Public Library continues to learn about, support, and develop resources and policies related to anti-racism, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) framework and the Own Voices movement. Here are some of the ways we are building and sharing resources to help further the discussion and understanding of these issues. We welcome your comments and suggestions. 

The City of Lake Oswego aspires to be an organization where every person feels safe, welcomed, supported, and included. Over the past few years, the City has taken a number of actions to break down barriers that, historically, have made it harder for some people in our community to succeed. Read more about our goals and initiatives, along with statements from City leaders.

Having age-appropriate materials for children and young adults to explore and address ideas of race, racism, discrimination, and equity is important. Our Youth Services team is curating a list of books on their Pinterest page

There are many books available for adults to explore and understand racism. Books come in many formats and genres to help make the conversation accessible. You can see a list being curated by our Adult Services team on their Pinterest page.

kanopy offers a huge selection of films that will inspire greater understanding, thoughtful discussion and reflection. 

kanopy black lives matter

Exploring race can and should take place in all areas of life. Two of our librarians are discussing black authors in the romance genre both in their discussion group, and in their podcast. We invite you to listen specifically to Episode 3: Black Voices and Racial Justice in Romance and Beyond.