First Readers

Author Book Title
Baker, Keith Sometimes
Bowers, Tim A New Home
Bridwell, Norman Clifford Makes a Friend
Butler, Kristi T. A Big Surprise
Campoy, F. Isabel Get Up Rick!
Capuccili, Alyssa Scat Cat!
Clammer, Virginia Grant The Big Box
Cleary, Brian The Bug in the Jug Wants a Hug
  The Nice Mice in the Rice
  Stop, Drop, and Flop in the Slop
Cobb, Annie Wheels
Crow, Melinda Melton Brave Fire Truck
  Busy, Busy Train
  Helpful Tractor
Dick and Jane Jump and Run
Dick and Jane Something Funny
Earl, Janice Jan Has a Doll
Fehlner, Paul Dog and Cat
Franco, Betsy Going to Grandma's Farm
  Silly Sally
Gaydos, Nora Animal Antics
  Clever Critters
  Look Around, Now I'm Reading
  Now I'm Reading
Godwin, Laura Best Fall of All
  Happy and Honey
  Honey Helps
Goodhart, Pippa Big Cat
Hall, Kristen Bunny, Bunny
  Who Says?
Haskins, Lori Ducks in Muck
Hazen, Barbara Shook City Cats, Country Cats
Jeffries, Alison Sam and the Bag
Johnson, Bruce Big Cats
Kanno, Wendy Holey Moley Cow
Keller, Holly The Hat
Kohuth, Jane Ducks Go Vroom
Levinson, Nancy Smiler Say Cheese!
Marslen, Bobby Lynn Bob Books
McCully, Emily Arnold Late Nate in a Race
McKay, Sindy Matt and Sid
  Pat, Cat and Rat
McPhail, David Big Brown Bear
  Big Pig and Little Pig
  Boy, Bird and Dog
  Jack and Rick
  Rick is Sick
Meisel, Paul See Me Run
Meister, Cari Catch That Cat!
  Tiny Goes to the Library
  Tiny's Bath
Milgrim, David See Otto
  Swing, Otto, Swing
Moran, Alex Come Here, Tiger
  Sam and Jack
Nash, Margaret Dogs New Coat
Orshoski, Paul Robot Man
Packard, Mary Where is Jake?
Rau, Dana Meachen Feet
Reese, Bob Drops of Water
  For Keeps
  Little Dinosaur
  My Yo Yo
  Wonder Worm
Schaefer, Lola Mittens, Where is Max?
Shebar, Sharon Milk
Willems, Mo Cat the Cat Books
Williams, David K. The Picnic
  Tick Tock
Ziefert, Harriet Flip a Word Series