I Speak Woof! - Thursday, 1/31

Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Lower Level - Children's Library

3-4 pm - for ages 3 and up

Learn about children's dog bite prevention with Vanesa Vizuete, founder of Helping Paws Northwest. This fun, interactive class provides children with the necessary tools to be safe around familiar or strange dogs, while teaching them how to create a POSITIVE animal friendship based on love and respect.

- The Do’s and Don’ts regarding familiar dogs in our own home.

- Identifying signs of stress/anxiety/discomfort by observing dog body language.

- Safety around strange dogs in an array of situations, including learning to be a tree or rock.

- Understanding some basic concepts of how dogs learn.

Practice the skills you've learned: A variety of safe, situational interactions between a therapy dog and volunteer children.

There will be opportunities for children to greet and pet Maui, the therapy dog, following the guidelines learned in class.